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Product Update: See All of Your Inbound Deal Flow, at a Glance: Introducing Axial’s New Deal Management System


Track the status of your deals through each stage of the funnel


The new Deal Management system allows you to see and manage all of your inbound deal flow, at a glance, through a more intuitive, efficient, and powerful interface than ever before. Your deals are now grouped into three buckets:

  • New
  • Active
  • Archived


Actionable insights for each deal

Within each of these sections, you’ll be able to see:

  • the current status of the deal
  • the date corresponding to that status change
  • the deal name
  • which firm/company it came from, and
  • how strong a fit the deal is in relation to your criteria, along with critical financial details like revenue and EBITDA
  • which of your projects that deal is most relevant to, and which contact it’s for

Interested in learning more about one of your new deals? Simply click on it for a slide-out profile with the “Details” about the opportunity and why you matched.



This includes the:

  • Transaction goals and terms
  • Description of the opportunity
  • Financial details
  • Industries the business operates in, and
  • General location of the business


You can see more information about why you matched with an opportunity in the “Match” tab of the deal’s slide-out. Here you can drill down into keywords, industry fit, financial fit, and easily see the overlap between the deal and your own project settings.



Review and take action on deals more efficiently



From your New Deals list, you can:

  • Pursue
  • Decline
  • Add, edit, and view notes from your team
  • New: Update the status to “Considering”, to flag the deal before you’re ready to pursue


When you pursue a deal, it’ll move over to your Active Deals tab.

“I really like the new Deal Management System, the options for a deal’s status are very helpful.” – Gregg Delcourt, Alaris Royalty Corp.



We’ve rolled out a set of custom statuses in the Active Deals tab which allow you to track your deal process independently of any actions you’ve taken on Axial. Available statuses include:

  • Reviewing NDA
  • Negotiating NDA
  • NDA Signed
  • Reviewing CIM
  • IOI Issued
  • LOI Issued
  • In Due Diligence
  • Closed


We know you’re busy: saving time is key. With this release, you can now multi-select as many deals as you like and take action on them in one shot with “Bulk Actions”.



Pro Tip: If you’re trying to find something quickly, use the Filters widget at the top right corner to filter which deals you see in your dashboard based on:

  • Project Name
  • Primary Contact (i.e. who the deal is assigned to), and
  • Deal Status


Easily manage all of your ongoing conversations



See any activity between your firm and the member you’re working with in relation to that deal by clicking on the “Activity” tab. You’ll get info on:

  • When the teaser was shared with you
  • When the NDA became available (along with a download link)
  • When the NDA was signed (along with a download link)
  • If and when you exchanged messages
  • When you received the CIM (along with a download link)
  • Any status changes the deal has gone through on your end
  • Whether the sell-side has archived the deal or ended discussions with you



Keep track of your thoughts throughout the deal process with the “Notes” tab. This is the perfect place to record important points to stay organized and remember where you left off. If you need to loop in a colleague or schedule an additional meeting with the party in question, make a note of it here.


Reminder: These notes are only visible to users at your account. Feel free to go back and edit them or add multiple notes as you move through the deal.


See historical account data



We’ll be launching the new Deal Log at the beginning of 2018, and you’ll be able to:

Download a complete or filtered historical spreadsheet of all the deals your account has ever received through Axial. Filter the set of deals to be downloaded by:

  • Project Headline
  • Primary Contact
  • Project Status, and
  • Time period


This produces a CSV spreadsheet for your records or to review in more depth with your colleagues.

We hope this new release will improve your deal management process. As always, if you have any feedback, comments, or questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

P.S. If you missed our webinar on Axial’s New Deal Management: Best Practices & How-To’s, you can watch the recording here.

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