Axial for Private Equity

Improve middle market coverage, increase quality deal flow and build long-term relationships with advisors.

How can Axial help you achieve your goals?
Source relevant deals right as they go to market

Whether you are looking for platform or add-on investments, the middle market is ruled by the long tail of advisors. 70% of advisory firms complete 3 or fewer transactions a year. It’s no longer enough to simply have contacts in your database; you now need to be top-of-mind with individual bankers. Since the vast majority of deals today come from generalist advisors, it’s also not sufficient to market your firm exclusively to industry specialists.

This is an obvious problem that technology can help you solve. Our network matches your interests to their deals, and explains to an advisor why they should choose your firm. Further, our professional services team layers human intelligence on top of our private market data to help you spot and meet the best advisors that match your transactional goals.

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Source add-on opportunities for my portfolio companies

When you are looking to grow a “platform” investment through add-ons, Axial can be a powerful resource. You can can express very tight transaction interests, including industry, geographic region, size of company, management intent, and more.

Last year, 5,000 companies with EBITDA between $1M and $5M privately marketed their deal on Axial. They are often working with small advisory firms and running very limited sell-side processes. Our technology gets your firm in front of these advisors at the start of their process and makes it clear that you’re searching on behalf of your portfolio companies.

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Connect directly with business owners and operators

Thousands of CEOs, CFOs, and owners have come to Axial to network, pursue a capital transaction, and seek an advisor. In fact, 25% of deal flow on the network comes directly from owners.

Axial’s deal network allows investors to be recommended to owners as they explore an exit or capital raise, and Axial’s events provide an opportunity for investors to meet business owners in person.

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Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of my business travel

Axial’s network of lenders can help your firm secure more competitive rates for acquisition financing or recapitalization.

Our technology allows you to explore a full range of debt options including senior, junior, mezzanine, unitranche, accounts receivable/factoring, and even hybrid equity/debt offerings.

The network also includes hundreds of family offices and investors looking for co-investment opportunities.

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Harvest Capital Credit on Relationship Building
Build out my network of middle market advisors

Relationships remain a critical part of the deal-making business. Axial can improve how you discover and are discovered by middle-market advisors and bankers. We help in three primary ways: discoverability, events, and warm referrals.

When an advisor brings a new deal to the network that fits your intent, our recommendation engine ensures that you are known. Further, when you join Axial, you create a highly discoverable marketing presence. Our search-optimized profile pages reliably garner more relevant traffic than firm websites.

We also run regional and national conferences aimed at bringing deal-makers together. Lastly, our professional services team layers human intelligence on top of our private market data to help you discover the right advisors, at the right time.

Even though the advisor was only two hours away, we did not know each other. The deal was a perfect fit for us, but we needed Axial to make the connection.