Axial for Corporate Development

Maximize your efficiency and speed in the middle market by accessing the long tail of advisors and sharing your strategic intent at the right time.

How can Axial help you achieve your goals?
Accelerate growth through acquisitions

Achieving sustained double-digit top-line growth usually requires a dedicated inorganic growth strategy. The best corporate development teams take a disciplined, repeatable approach to deal origination, deal relationship building, and deal execution.

A healthy deal funnel includes both outbound and inbound activities, but you can never assume that you have 100% coverage. Pre-existing relationships do not guarantee being top-of-mind when a company decides to go to market.

Axial gives corporate development professionals real-time access to dealflow in both their direct and adjacent markets.

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Closed Deal
AirT, a $139M-revenue holding company focused on the aviation sector, acquired Contrail.
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Educate lower-middle market advisors on your initiatives

When your strategic goals change, how do you get the word out in way that balances pro-activity with discretion? Using old methods, that is a near-impossible task in the middle market where there are thousands of advisors and tens of thousands of companies.

Axial's deal network puts your real-time acquisition and investments interests in the hands of the sell-side right at the start of their process. You maintain full control over how you position your strategic initiatives, while sharing within a closed network of deal professionals.

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Closed Deal
New England-based Horizon Bradco connected with Georgia-based, one-man advisory firm and acquired Allied Mechanical Services.
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Save time and money on middle-market coverage

Corporate development teams know it's their job to get visibility into the right deals, and to build relationships with the right companies. Axial's deal network doesn't replace that activity, but it will make your middle-market coverage significantly more efficient.

Axial can deliver $200K in annual cost savings when compared to attaining the same level of middle-market coverage with manual methods. But even more powerful is the time you buy back, and how you can re-focus that time to more strategic things.

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Dane Manufacturing on Axial
Divest non-core assets to active private equity buyers

Corporate strategies evolve. Once-relevant assets can become a burden. When it comes to divestitures, it’s important to do so quickly so focus can return to corporate growth.

Axial’s online deal network gives corporate development teams instant access to the investment interests of hundreds of financial buyers, while giving you total control over who you approach and when.

Financial buyers actively looking for divestitures
Secure financing for your transactions

As your firm approaches a deal closing, Axial’s network of lenders can help secure more competitive rates for acquisition financing or recapitalization.

Our technology allows you to explore a full range of debt options including senior, junior, mezzanine, unitranche, accounts receivable/factoring, and even hybrid equity/debt offerings.

The network also includes hundreds of family offices and investors looking for co-investment opportunities.

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