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Drilco Oil and Gas Corporation Corporation

Drilco Oil and Gas is a 3rd generation oil and gas producer/operator in West Virginia. Our owner and President, Hugh Dale, has extensive knowledge of oil and gas drilling operations, oil and gas formations and negotiating lease contracts within the Appalachian Basin.In 1959, Hugh's grandfather came…

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Liberty Hydro Corporation

Liberty Hydro is a water technology and treatment company that helps customers improve the environment and comply with regulatory standards. We remove dissolved metals from water, using our patented technology, ZVI Blue. Target metals include toxic versions of Chromium, Cadmium, Selenium, Arsenic…

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Valley Supply Corporation

Valley Supply Company is a private family owned and operated Plumbing, Heating, Hydronics, Pipe, Valves, Fitting, Kitchens, and Bathrooms wholesaler that services West Virginia and some parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia. Valley Supply Company started in 1905 as a single location in…

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Conn-Weld Industries, Inc. Corporation

When Conn-Weld Industries, Inc. was founded in 1975, their philosophy and goal was to serve the customer by offering a quality profile screen, produced in a timely manner and backed by dependable service. As they analyze their outstanding growth, two words come to mind: persistence and…

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