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Bedwatch Corporation

BedWatch provides visibility to healthcare. BedWatch acts like an Air Traffic Control system by providing full hospital system-wide visibility from a single location.BedWatch is 100% Mobile. We use the latest technology to bring complete mobility to busy healthcare professionals on the…

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Vistage Chair - Austin, TX (Samuel Jones) Corporation

CEOs and other C level executives value their Vistage membership. Being a member of Vistage does lend many to make better decisions, be better leaders and experience better results, but it also offers something more. For many CEOs, being at the top can be very lonely. As the primary decision maker,…

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Gearbit Corporation

Gearbit is a comprehensive network tools and service company that provides award winning gearbox protocol analyzer product line. Gearbox is a cost effective and high performance network solution of protocol analyzers equipped with intelligent network adapters that capture, analyze and transmit in…

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Pipeline Holdings, LLC Corporation

Pipeline Holdings, LLCPipeline Holdings, LLC (“PH”) is a portfolio company of the private equity group called The Catalyst Group, Inc. (“Catalyst”). PH’s mandate is to build a customer focused company providing products and services to the midstream sector of the oil & gas industry. PH…

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Syren Capital Corporation

Syren Capital works closely with companies to achieve management objectives balanced with aligned capital partners to fuel corporate growth by marrying a global network of investors seeking access to quality investment opportunities. We work with mid-cap companies, domestically and internationally,…

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Bedrock Manufacturing Co. Corporation

Bedrock Manufacturing builds brands.We are a Dallas-­‐based and privately held strategic development group, building brands in three main areas: entertainment, digital, and consumer products. Bedrock Manufacturing brings innovation, creativity, and business management skills designed to nurture…

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Lifecycle Biotechnologies Corporation

Lifecycle Biotechnologies controls companies in its portfolio that produce and distribute raw materials, chemical preparations and packaging to bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Waypoint 2 Space Corporation

WAY • POINT   a point on a line of travel, a stop on a journey Waypoint 2 Space was created to open space to the general public and eliminate the velvet ropes and Plexiglas separating the space enthusiast from the dream of becoming an Astronaut. Waypoint 2 Space is meeting the demands of two…

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centex construction Corporation

Centex Corporation is one of the most successful diversified building companies in the United States, with products and services ranging from new home construction, manufactured housing, and industrial construction, to mortgage lending, pest control, and construction contracting. Centex protected…

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SGR Energy Corporation

SGR Energy is a fuel blending and manufacturing company that has developed a platform for cost-effectively incorporating cleaner burning blendstocks and additives into a 1% Sulfur, #6 Fuel Oil, ready for commercial and industrial burning. SGR’s proprietary methodology with the additives, when…

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