Syracuse Corporations

Members (7 results) Corporation's mission is to provide tools and opportunities that translators, translation companies, and others in the language industry can use to: network, expand their businesses, improve their work, experience added enjoyment in their professional endeavors.

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Organizational Menders Corporation

Our mission is to deliver the best service to help people feel like they have the tools and know how to really help them and their organization.We are a living, breathing organization interested in partnering to deliver the best possible service and working model of a business to you.With the over…

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Certainrate Corporation

Certainrate is a NY corporation formed to provide consumers with guaranteed financial and health products. The products are easy to purchase online and are affordable. They fulfill needs not met by other costly and/or non-guaranteed health and financial offerings. 

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The Liberty Group Corporation

The Liberty Group is an investment firm exclusively focused on the acquisition, operation and long term development of smaller, lower middle market companies. We invest in niche manufacturers, unique service companies, manufacturer’s representative organizations and specialty distributors.We buy…

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C Speed, LLC Corporation

C Speed specializes in the design and manufacture of the LightWave Radar Platform. LightWave is a high-quality, low-cost, flexible, “software-defined” radar technology platform that can be configured for a broad range of surveillance missions. As a fully standalone radar, LightWave’s low…

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e-Cued Corporation

e-Cued was formed by professionals to help businesses, clients, consumers, and customers manage their time when they are attending a venue that requires waiting. E-cued serves as a notification platform for businesses that always or sometimes send notifications / reminders to their…

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