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Eagle Ridge Growth Partners Search Fund

Eagle Ridge Growth Partners is an operator-led private investment company with a single purpose — acquiring and managing one high-quality company. Our best-in-class team of managers and investors has a proven track record of successfully acquiring and growing middle-market businesses.

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Vault Key Enterprises Search Fund

Vault Key is dedicated to sourcing, acquiring and operating small to medium size businesses in New England.

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Altius NBIN Search Fund

Altius NBIN doo is a start-up company located in Serbia. We want to provide new platform of healing hard illness (cancer, AIDS, HPV) using modern technologies. We have knowledge how to do it on non-invasive way without chemical therapy and radiations and to get result very quick. We need start-up…

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Momentum Capital Partners Search Fund

Momentum Capital Partners is led by two ready-capital entrepreneurs. They seek to operate a single existing private company with an enterprise value between $5 and $40 million at the time of purchase. They will be 100% dedicated to this business, planning to personally managing it indefinitely.They…

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Alamar Partners Search Fund

Alamar is a special purpose acquisition fund with committed capital (unlike traditional search funds) established to find and acquire a single exciting small business, where Alamar’s principals can create further value through active operating leadership and a long-term investing focus. Alamar…

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Victoriaside Partners Search Fund

Victoriaside Partners is an experienced team of entrepreneurs, current and former CEOs of small and medium sized businesses, members of boards of directors, and SME investment professionals with diverse skill sets and expertise. Our mission is to identify a single company with an established track…

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Skyline Growth Partners Search Fund

Skyline Growth Partners is run by two entrepreneurs looking to acquire and operate a single small to medium-sized business in the US or Canada for the long-term. We have the dedicated support and financial backing of a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully invested and grown…

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Lionfield Capital Search Fund

Lionfield Capital is a private investment firm out of Key Biscayne, FL. Backed by institutional investors. Our mandate from our LPs is to look for US companies with EBITDA ranging from US$1.5-$5mm. Flexible mandate in regards to industries and geography. We are better suited for owners facing…

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Bondcliff Partners LLC Search Fund

Bondcliff Partners is a partnership between a dedicated professional and a group of reputable investors. Our goal is to acquire a single company with a strong track record and see to its preservation and profitable growth.

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MTG Growth Partners Search Fund

MTG Growth Partners is an investment firm started by Dan Szewczyk that is focused on acquiring and operating one company.We are looking to buy a business that meets these criteria:$300K - $1M in EBITDA 15%+ EBITDA margins or 10%+ net income marginsConsistent, non-cyclical cash flowRepeat…

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