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LSW Engineers Corporation

Welcome to LSW Engineers — providers of high quality, innovative, solutions based mechanical and electrical engineering for the built environment since 1947. Our primary focus is mechanical and electrical engineering design, but our broad expertise and experience allows us to offer a wide array…

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Bassi Construction Corporation

We are a multi-disciplined construction company that has been headquartered in Ottawa, Canada for over 50 years. From commercial and residential communities to office buildings and restoration, we’ve tackled projects large and small throughout the National Capital region. Bassi’s Ottawa Fire…

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Oasis Collections Corporation

Oasis Collections is a fully intermediated marketplace which enables high-end real estate owners to rent their unoccupied homes to leisure and extended-stay business travelers who desire the authenticity and value of an apartment or home rental with the personalized service of a boutique hotel.…

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Resilient Network Systems, Inc. Corporation

Resilient Network Systems, Inc. provides the Trust Network platform to bring trust management to the Internet. Trust Networks virtualize real-world relationships and conditions of trust, resolve identities in the network, and enforce each party's policies. This enables disparate organizations and…

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Honorable Al Bey J.L.Esq.& Affiliates, LLC. Corporation

Specailizing in the areas of Corporate Intelligence Consultants and International Affairs Management is the Normal Days to Day Operations of HABA,LLC. A Delaware Limited Liability Company.By our Business Improvement Program, Launched in 2012, HABA,LLC. has assisted Hundreds of Special Interest…

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Macrodyne Technologies Inc. Corporation

Macrodyne Technologies Inc. manufactures heavy duty, high quality hydraulic presses up to 20,000 tons, fully automated hydraulic press lines and die handling equipment for dies and molds weighing in excess of 100 tons. We produce custom hydraulic presses & press lines for general metalforming…

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UltraCell Insulation Corporation

The founders of UltraCell Insulation LLC started the Company in January 2013 with a determination to produce the very best cellulose insulation the industry has ever seen. Now, after important breakthroughs in material science, and after two rounds of pilot production, the product is nearly ready…

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Fisher Recycling Corporation

For more than two decades, Fisher Recycling has bridged the gap between environmentally sound and sustainable recycling practices and businesses. Fisher offers recycling services for offices, restaurants, hotels and manufacturers, collecting mixed paper, plastics (#1-7) and glass products, as well…

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HR Performance Solutions Corporation

HR Performance Solutions is a growing software-as-a-service company focused on HR technology. The primary areas of focus include 1) performance management, 2) salary administration, and 3) learning management.

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