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Tel Infraco Individual Accredited Investor

Owner-operator seeking acquisition opportunities in the North American telecommunication infrastructure sector. Geography agnostic. Significant transaction and executive management experience, as a founding member of a FTSE250 listed company, Helios Towers. Proven track-record delivering…

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William Concannon Individual Accredited Investor

William Concannon is an individual investor focused on acquiring a small to medium sized business. Post- acquisition, he plans to assume an operational role to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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MRR Capital LLC Individual Accredited Investor

New venture seeking acquisition of an established business with reasonable growth prospects and strong cash flow. Will consider transactions with our without real estate.

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Next Level Equity Individual Accredited Investor

Next Level Equity is a private investment firm focused on partnering with lower middle-market business owners and entrepreneurs seeking the next stage of growth. Next Level Equity is focused on North American opportunities and seeks to partner with talented management teams.

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Raj Jayaraman Individual Accredited Investor

Raj Jayaraman is an individual lead investor, backed by reliable funding sources. He is currently focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. Raj targets deals in the revenue range of $2M to $10M, and are looking for opportunities primarily in the Mid-West. Key criteria are stable, recurring…

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Stilwell INC Individual Accredited Investor

Stilwell Inc is a family holding company which focuses on Industrial Manufacturing, and Real Estate. They have operated in manufacturing & real estate for over 20 years with long term holding goals and focused on employee development & engaging with the community. Stilwell Inc is uniquely…

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Global Real Estate Investments Individual Accredited Investor

We are a vertically integrated real estate investment firm and venture capital investors that invest in cash flow healthy businesses and real estate assets. We perform each acquisition with high work ethics, and professionalism. Our combined 40 years of experienced operating real estate assets and…

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Elliot Cunningham Individual Accredited Investor

Individual investor looking to own and operate a business with around $1M in cash flow. Would love to work with a strong team that is currently in place and provide incentive opportunities for employees to share in the profitability of the firm.

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Arsi Energy Individual Accredited Investor

Motivated buyer of Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate and Services. I can manage teams, replace teams, optimize and raise capital for my focus area. My background is engineering with a focus on operations and financing. Looking for inefficiencies from an operational standpoint…

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