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Ekbd Consult is a full service firm providing our clients with timely, reliable, and expert service with the end goal of securing proper financing to meet our clients’ needs. Our team finds success by matching progressive solutions with relevant local market trends, ultimately giving our clients…

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Millenium 14, LLC Consultant

The current economic contraction in the United States has created a rare opportunity in mobile home parks throughout the United States. Due to the economy and tighter credit markets, opportunistic properties in the United States are coming on the market from sellers that need to raise cash or, in…

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Linnet Legacies LLC Consultant

1) Consumer Product Goods:We invest in and advise consumer product goods (CPG) companies. I was introduced to the CPG space by launching my own brand in over 4,500 points of sale nationwide. Our operating company expands the growth and sales of our CPG clients. Founding team…

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Franco Ventures Consultant

We open new doors for our clients — We open up new markets for our clientsWe advise and help companies realize healthy strategic growth. Growth for the sake of growth, leaves many a company overextended and underfunded. We introduce companies to our clients that we believe can develop…

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Industrial Advisory Group Consultant

There exists a large difference between selling a piece of real estate and selling a piece of real estate to which an operating business is attached. The Industrial Advisory Group focuses strictly on the business real estate side and how it pertains to Buyers/Sellers in determining both the…

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Prophetic Consultant

We are strategists,Storytellers,And capital connectors. A mixture of experience and industry-leading expertise,Rarely found in the same area code,And never found, until now,At the same agency.  Brought togetherby the radical beliefThat brand strategy And growth strategyShould always hold…

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Global Venture Capital Advisors LLC USA Consultant

We are Advisors to Founders and CXO Teams to Raise Finance : Equity Debt Convertible Notes Revenues Based Finance Preference Shares Business Finance Working Capital Real Estate Finance etc

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Commercial Real Estate Investors Equity Partners™ at San Antonio & DFW, TX Consultant

Commercial Real Estate Investors solutions. We provide solutions for investors who are looking to Acquire Commercial Real Estate Properties. Commercial Funding solutions. Private Lenders. And Equity Partners.

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The Vortex Group LLC Consultant

The Vortex Group, established in 2008, is a Troy, Michigan based corporate finance and debt placement firm. We structure the optimal loan structure, terms, and pricing for our clients. We work with a variety of lenders, including US-based banks, international banks, commercial finance companies,…

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