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Peepal Tree Capital Search Fund

Peepal Tree Capital is a privately-held investment firm looking to acquire and operate a business with annual revenues over $5 million.Peepal Tree Capital offers a different kind of exit. We intend to take a direct management role in your business, with a commitment to its ongoing success and to…

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Emerald Succession Capital Search Fund

Emerald Succession Capital is a holding company seeking to acquire and operate an established, profitable business. We want to maintain and build upon the success the owner and team have spent years pursuing and achieving.We are backed by a number of investors who, along with our principle, will…

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SeanHendrix Enterprises, LLC Search Fund

SeanHendrix Enterprises was established to be a holding company, addressing the inefficiency and growth needs of U.S. manufacturing within the lower middle market. We have two goals: 1. facilitating the success of manufacturing in America and 2. acquiring manufacturing and supply chain focused…

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Halliard Capital Search Fund

Halliard Capital has extensive experience in M&A and looks to make investments that keep companies around for the long haul. We don’t buy companies with the intention to sell. We don’t gut companies and flip them for parts. We believe the strongest investment thesis is to build a strong and…

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Mobius Holdings, LLC Search Fund

Mobius Holdings is an e-commerce acquisitions and operations company focused on digital marketing, operational optimization, and product development. We acquire and operate strong, growing brands in the e-commerce and SaaS spaces, using proprietary filtering process to minimize risk while…

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TriBeCa Group LLC Search Fund

TriBeCa Group LLC is a private investment firm focused on acquiring a small to medium sized business. We plan to work closely with the company to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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Kindly Light Search Fund

We are a search fund that aims to identify a single company to buy and build. Mark Wang and Benedikt Westrick, the founders of Kindly Light, intend to leverage their 30+ years of combined experience in sales, operations, and technology to build the company into a technology-enhanced business that…

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BioZage, Inc. Search Fund

Investment vehicle founded by an experienced pharmaceutical executive to acquire a business that can benefit from the principal's operating background.

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