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KPAC Solutions Holding Company

KPAC Solutions is a private investment company focused upon acquiring and turning around distressed and under- performing manufacturing and industrial businesses.With its headquarters in Nashville and offices in Los Angeles and Europe, KPAC Solutions has purchased businesses in USA, Europe, South…

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Pilot Wave Holdings Holding Company

Pilot Wave Holdings is a financial sponsor that thinks like a strategic. Our investment thesis is grounded in bringing modern technologies to traditional business models. We are hybrid investment professionals, operators, and technologists who grow the businesses we transact with and help them…

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KPHATT Group LLC Holding Company

KPHATT Group is startup technology & IP holding company focused on emerging technology and scalable enterprise investment capital. Along with our capital, we also provide strategic support to our portfolio companies. Our principal is the former CEO and majority shareholder of an Industrial…

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Maven Enterprises Holding Company

I represent a Special Situation Fund focused on middle-market opportunities in the U.S. We specifically are looking for distressed companies which are looking for a solution. We acquire the debt of these companies.We have helped a multitude of businesses address their crippling debt and are now…

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Equity Accelerated Group Holding Company

Since its founding Equity Accelerated Group has been focused on mid to low market opportunities and strategic partnerships where our expertise in operational value can accelerate returns. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities we can effectively grow to a successful exit.

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Sweetview Partners, Inc Holding Company

What does Sweetview Partners do? We arrange for fair Texas small business sales, install new management, sales, and processes, and grow them to the next level.In short, we operate the Texas small businesses that we acquire with an eye to growing sales and profits to the next stage. Generally, that…

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St. Martin Holdings Co. Holding Company

St. Martin Holdings Co. is a privately held holding company, which is seeking controlling interest platform investment opportunities in small to middle market privately held companies, typically family-owned businesses, across a number of industries: manufacturing, distribution, business services,…

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Billionaires Funding Group Holding Company

BFG is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We plan to work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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Satchco Holdings Holding Company

Check out our website satchcoholdings.comWe seek out companies that have the potential to thrive for generations, not just investment cycles. We understand the foundation of a business's success is in their people, their products and services, and their ability to adapt and problem solve. Our…

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Maiden Lane LLC Holding Company

Maiden Lane LLC is an investment vehicle focused on acquiring small to medium sized businesses ($3-30m in sales, $0.5-5m in EBITDA). Our objective is to find stable businesses that can benefit from entrepreneurial ownership. Our goal is to find businesses that we can grow, not under-invest in to…

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