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Occidental Development Group Independent Sponsor

We deal in very expensive Fancy Investment Grade Diamonds. Natural color diamonds have a history of steady appreciation. In 2008, when gold fell 30% and white diamonds dropped 20%, natural fancy color diamonds did not fall at all and continue to appreciate. In the past 30 years, fancy color…

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Goense & Company LLC Independent Sponsor

Goense & Company follows an uncommon path when investing in and growing companies. We don’t utilize a fund; we invest our own money. We view ourselves as partners in the success of the companies in which we invest. As partners, we view our role as providing the capital, resources and strategic…

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Harbor Beach Capital Independent Sponsor

We partner and align our interests with talented management teams to help companies and business owners achieve their strategic goals and unlock long-term shareholder value. We have invested in more than 50 businesses over the past 20 years.Our senior team has extensive principal investment,…

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Explorer Equity Group Independent Sponsor

Explorer Equity Group (“EEG”) is a private equity firm that invests in global emerging trends. By physically exploring the world for unique and profitable situations, we continually build our network of future allies in search of great opportunities.EEG's portfolio includes investments across…

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Offshoot Capital Independent Sponsor

Offshoot Capital is a privately held investment firm seeking to partner with and invest in market-leading businesses. We are looking for exceptional businesses and even better people, and are fully committed to collaborating with and leading your team to accelerate your business’s growth.

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Silver Palm Capital Independent Sponsor

Silver Palm acquires or invests in profitable, growing companies as well as distressed or bankruptcy investment opportunities. Silver Palm also provides investment research, due diligence, deal sourcing, and corporate finance advisory services for institutions, high net worth individuals and public…

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B3 Kinetics Independent Sponsor

B3 Kinetics is a Miami-based independent sponsor that focuses on lower middle market telecommunications and utility opportunities. Our strategy combines our three bases, General, Operating, and Entrepreneurial Partners, to create growth and value for our investors.

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M2 Ventures Independent Sponsor

M2 Ventures is an real estate investment group, which focuses its investments on distressed real estate opportunities. Our team has in depth industry experience and is actively seeking real estate opportunities.

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777 Partners Independent Sponsor

777 Partners is an investment firm focused on a broad spectrum of specialty finance businesses, asset originators and financial technology and services providers. The firm harnesses the acute insight and extensive experience of its people to identify and execute upon opportunities in esoteric and…

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InfraNext Independent Sponsor

InfraNext Partners is a team of seasoned investors who have created a differentiated strategy to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns. We seek to actively collaborate with management teams and financial sponsors to provide them with bespoke capital solutions tailored to their needs and…

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