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Akken, Inc. Corporation

Akken is the staffing efficiency and recruiting efficiency improvement specialist. Since 2005, Akken has helped hundreds of Staffing companies and Recruiting companies improve their efficiency, placing more people into quality paying positions and increasing customer retention. The all in…

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Tri State Fire Protection Corporation

Tri State Fire Protection was formed by Michael O’Rourke and Steven Schlesinger in early 2006. Mike and Steve each have over thirty years experience in fire protection, management and customer service. Today, Tri State has over 5,000 customers and 50 employees and is continuing to grow.…

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Turbotek Computer Corporation Corporation

Turbotek is a small business IT company that helps small and medium businesses and educational institutions solve real world business problems with a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, including technology procurement, implementation, system design, support services and consulting…

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IMSYS - Integrated Mobile SYStems Corporation

IMSYS delivers “Presence Awareness”, the ability to know who and what is present in specific areas of interest. The IMSYS Presence Awareness SYStem incorporates various technologies used for access control, "Intelligent" video surveillance, wired and wireless panic alarms, gate/door automation,…

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DronSystems Corporation

DronSystems first product is DroNav: an automated Air Traffic Management (ATM) system for small UAVs operating at low altitudes. DronSystems is headquartered in Nashua, NH.

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Online IT Solutions Provider Brand - The most Simple, Reliable & Affordable (Home & Biz) Online HelpDesk! Your 365 #TechHelp #CloudCure #SmallBiz #Startup @MCComputerINC - Upgrade to a better IT Department today!

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Creative Information Systems, Inc. Corporation

CIS, Inc. was founded in 1984. Our first product was a Job Cost Accounting software package. In 1986 CIS created an integrated scale management software solution that allowed a weigh master to produce a ticket with data communication to accounts receivable, accounts payable and a general ledger, as…

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