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ITS Partners Corporation

ITS is a professional services organization providing license procurement, design, training, implementation and ongoing support for some industry’s best solutions.We attribute our success as one of the top services companies in the country to the commitment of delivering the business benefits of…

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Cruxtone LLC Corporation

CRUXTONE is a Grand Rapids-based Engineering Service Provider. We have a competent core team of engineering professionals hand-picked to tackle most engineering and development issues.We know what it takes to understand your needs. This allows us to launch successful projects on time and under…

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Connex Social Corporation

Digital Marketing Firm focused on Higher Education, Large Non Profits and assisting Web Development Agencies. We're a distributed workforce based around the world to cover all timezones.

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Disability Work Tools Corporation

In 2012 the website was launched by Foresight Services, LLC as a culmination of 11+ years of research and development of work tools for people with disabilities. This website contains helpful tools for carpenters, welders, fabricators, metal workers, farmers, truckers,…

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Genius Phone Repair Corporation

The Genius Phone Repair organization consists of three total companies within the wireless repair industry. The second company of the portfolio is Mobile Defenders, which distributes parts, accessories, and tools for the retail and enterprise repair space. Third is Tech Defenders, an insurance and…

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Solar RAQ Corporation

Developed by a team with over 3,000 solar installations across the USA. It is made of GS120 steel, patented and UL Rated for mechanical and electrical 1703. The RAQ is designed for ease of use and speed of installation, with a team of three able to install a 4kW solution in under an hour. It comes…

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Orange Dot Ventures Corporation

Best known for being the creators of the Big Joe® and Big Joe Lux® brands, we are revolutionizing branded consumer products in the indoor, outdoor and aquatic product markets by developing innovative products that deliver greater design aesthetics and value. Leveraging lessons with over 20 years…

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JVCM Ventures, LLC Corporation

To provide an attainable, on-demand content solution that will help drive business through the use of a community of young artists. We empower with Honest Projects.

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Lanco Corporation Corporation

Lanco LLC specializes in the buying, selling, trading, appraisal and removal of used metal finishing, waste treatment and other industrial equipment. We are located in West Michigan, but have been serving customers worldwide for over 40 years. Our experienced rigging crew is insured and has worked…

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