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Rising Pharmaceuticals Inc. Corporation

Rising Pharmaceuticals is an industry leader in marketing and distributing niche generic prescription pharmaceutical products covering a variety of therapeutic areas and dosage forms. We also market a few legacy OTC products. We are focused on the development of Abbreviated New Drug Application…

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Creabilis LTD Corporation

Creabilis is a clinical-stage, specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of innovative, first-in-class topical treatments in the field of dermatology. The Company’s lead product, CT327, is a Phase III-ready topical treatment for chronic pruritus (itch), which the Company…

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ConvenePro Corporation

Established in 2004, ConvenePro is a privately held small business specializing in the delivery of highly regulated and innovative programming in the life sciences. We partner with public and private clients, including Fortune 500 companies, to plan and execute results-proven and industry compliant…

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Volant Pharma Corporation

Volant Pharma endeavors to innovate and develop new treatments for metabolic diseases such as NASH and Diabetes.Type 2 DiabetesNon-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)Weight loss

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Ondine Biomedical Corporation

Ondine Biomedical, Inc. is dedicated to the development of non antibiotic, anti infective therapies for a broad spectrum of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. We are focused on the development and commercialization of our patented light activated technology, photodisinfection.…

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Techsol Corporation

Techsol Corporation is a leading global technology service organization, providing pharmaceutical industry focused services in the areas of Medical Information, Drug Safety, Signal Detection and Management, Clinical Development and Pharmaceutical Sales Management. Techsol’ global pharmaceutical…

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GCE Solutions, Inc. Corporation

GCE Solutions founded in 2006 is a CRO serving in the biometrics function. We cater to the need of clients in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries on various stages, diverse therapeutic areas, and different aspects of clinical trials. At GCE, we believe in a strong foundation…

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Alternative Laboratories Corporation

Alternative Laboratories is a leading provider to the direct sales and nutrition industry specializing in providing companies with a diverse portfolio of patented, scientifcally validated, nutraceutical ingredients and products. From formulation to manufacturing, we are your convenient and trusted…

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HR Performance Solutions Corporation

HR Performance Solutions is a growing software-as-a-service company focused on HR technology. The primary areas of focus include 1) performance management, 2) salary administration, and 3) learning management.

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