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ThinkFastToys is the product of 25+ years of retailmarketplace experience and an online retailer since 1997. Our buyersare adept at selecting the Toy Industry's hottest products andbecause ThinkFastToys leverages its relationship with100's of manufacturers we can bring you the best Toys…

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Trustifier Inc. Corporation

The history of Trustifier has always revolved around making the most complex security functionality easy and joyful to use. Trustifier was established in 2005, and since then has innovated to bring advanced military-grade cyber security capabilities to private and public sector. As cyber-security…

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Motechso LLC Corporation

Motechso is a Limited Liability Corporation that was incorporated in Newark in the State of Delaware in the USA in November 2012.Motechso encompass a pool of renewable energy products and technologies. We focus on Renewable Distributed Energy Generation RDEG where we identified a product family for…

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GreenX Group Inc. Corporation

GreenX offers industry leading integrated energy management solutions for telecommunication networks in Africa. These high quality solutions consisting of carefully selected energy efficient and clean energy technologies backed by extensive local project rollout experience generate great value that…

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Outside-In Companies Corporation

We help our companies improve the entire life cycle of talent management from recruitment and staffing to outplacement. We are a business philosophy, a culture, mindset, structure, planning process, value system, service mentality and the day to day operating roadmap for our companies. We have a…

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Ville-Marie Collection Corporation

Ville-Marie Collection is a boutique hospitality company specializing in comfort, multidimensional and cutting edge dining and drinking experiences as well as gourmet fast casual take-away boutiques. From its home in the culturally colourful and diverse Montreal, Ville-Marie Collection owns,…

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Advanced Coatings Engineering Corporation

Advanced Coatings Engineering LLC (ACE) is the world leader in glass retrofit technology. Applied to ordinary windows, ACE security laminates make protected windows bullet resistant and bomb resistant. ACE is seeing an investment so that it can scale and grow to meet the market…

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Palazzetti Corporation

Palazzetti created access to the public for the classic of modern furniture in 1981. Since then Palazzetti has refined its collections to include a large selection of modern classics of museum quality and affordable prices. An extensive collection of modern classic rugs was created in Germany in…

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Hoopla Doopla Corporation

Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is a leading bargain hunting website, providing coupon codes, discounts, daily deals and cash back from over 2000 online stores. We exist to provide a better overall online shopping experience, and to put money where it belongs, in people’s pockets. We get paid a marketing…

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Exam Master Corporation

Exam Master® Corporation, founded in 1994, is in the business of providing exam preparation and review software to medical students (USMLE exams), residents (USMLE and Board Certification), and physicians (Board Certification and SPEX). Our clients include medical schools, medical libraries,…

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