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M2M Data Corporation Corporation

We’re the leading provider of remote asset monitoring and management services to the oil and gas, water/wastewater, power generation, and heavy equipment industries.Whether it’s a compressor, EFM, generator, tank, dehydrator, plant, plunger head, or other piece of equipment, we offer a turnkey…

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Logic Integration Inc Corporation

Logic Integration is a multi-award winning Colorado-based company that designs and installs A/V systems for commercial and residential applications locally and nationwide. Our list of clients speaks volumes about who we are and the kind of work we do. We are proud to count Vail Resorts, Dish…

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Ethos Distributed Solutions Corporation

Ethos Distributed Solutions is an engineering, operations and maintenance company the serves the solar, wind and telecom industries in the USA.

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BaxterBoo Corporation

The only company capable of capitalizing on the entire spectrum of independently owned pet businesses. We’re an Inc 500 Top 50 Online Retailer (B2C), rapidly growing in Manufacturing & Distribution (B2B) and expanding into White Label Ecommerce & Fulfillment (B2B2C) for the Pet Industry.

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Biodesix, Inc. Corporation

Biodesix was founded in 2005 to apply the principles of complex data analysis and mass spectrometry (MS) to the discovery and development of improved multivariate tests that give physicians better information to understand the patient and their disease. Understanding the clinically meaningful…

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bioZhena Corporation Corporation

bioZhena Corporation is a medical device pre-revenue company with revolutionary diagnostic technology for the women's healthcare market. SEE QUICK INTRO 4 SLIDES: seek capital with which to launch within 2 years the already FDA-approved first Ovulona application (the Ovulona™…

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Investors Independent Trust Company Corporation

Investors Independent Trust Company is a small fiduciary services business based out of Boulder, CO, with a handful of satellite locations, exploring conversations with advisory parties around valuation and growth. More about Investors Independent Trust Company:Investors Independent Trust Company…

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WealthTouch Corporation

Founded in 2001, the company is the only provider to incorporate and consolidate both investments and expenses across all accounts, all managers, all asset classes-including private equity, hedge funds, and real estate-, and all currencies to provide UHNWI’s with a single on demand view of their…

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Western Oil Exploration Company Corporation

Western Oil Exploration Company is a Colorado Corporation and Operator of a Joint Venture Partnership with 10,000 acres located at the intersection of the Chainman & Pilot Basins -adjacent to the thrust faulted Nevada Rift in White Pine County, Nevada. Western's leasehold is underlain by +4,000' of…

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NIMBL Corporation

NIMBL is North America's leading SAP Technologists. Privately-held and nationally-recognized, NIMBL is an award-winning SAP professional services firm focused on high-value high-impact technical consulting. Powered by years of SAP expertise, countless hands-on initiatives, and industry…

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