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Advantage Insurance Holdings Corporation

Advantage provides specialty insurance and related services to business owners and high net worth individuals seeking customized insurance solutions for their risk management and financial planning needs. Our predecessor business was founded in 1993 by Ian Kilpatrick, our Vice Chairman and a…

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Metalworx, Inc. Corporation

Metalworx, Inc. and its affiliated companies combine to provide high quality, customer focused, single source manufacturing solutions. We provide our services to the medical, military, aerospace, power generation, transportation and other industrial and technology based industries. Our contract…

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Ceterus, Inc Corporation

Ceterus provides next generation reporting and accounting. We deliver relevant, accurate and timely reporting to clients throughout the United States, while also doing their accounting and making their lives easier.

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Eccotemp Systems Corporation

Eccotemp deigns and manufactures highly efficient portable hot water heaters, and aims to take on outside capital to scale the production and distribution of its product to an influx of new customers. For more information on the trajectory of Eccotemp's growth, please read on.Eccotemp has been in…

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Folbot Corporation

Folbot is the perfect blend of performance and convenience. 75% less storage space required and no roof rack is needed: simply toss them in the trunk and head to the water. There are no trade-offs or compromises from hard shell kayaks. Boasting 80 years of kayak building experience and a 30-day…

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RiseWell Corporation

specialists in business brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategy and succession planning, all with a focus on small and middle-market companies. Whether you are looking to sell your company, buy or invest in a company, expand your business through a strategic acquisition, or plan your…

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Thryve Fitness Solutions Corporation

Founded from a desire for our customers to truly thrive in both health and happiness, Thryve Fitness Solutions recognizes that each and every health club customer deserves to have the best experience possible. Here at TFS we want every individual joining a fitness center to be equipped with all…

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Bartercard USA Corporation

Principle Founder Brian Hall, Principle Founder Andrew Federowsky, Principle Founder Wayne Sharpe and first employee Maree St Clair started Bartercard on the Gold Coast, Australia, in 1991. This team shared a vision for Bartercard to become the world’s largest trade exchange and a globally…

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Liberty Hydro Corporation

Liberty Hydro is a water technology and treatment company that helps customers improve the environment and comply with regulatory standards. We remove dissolved metals from water, using our patented technology, ZVI Blue. Target metals include toxic versions of Chromium, Cadmium, Selenium, Arsenic…

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MedTrust Medical Transport, LLC Corporation

MedTrust is one of the fastest growing and most innovative healthcare companies in South Carolina. MedTrust core service is the delivery of emergent and non-emergent medical transport with a coverage area spanning the Lowcountry and Grand Strand. With a fleet of fully-equipped ambulances,…

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