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Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation Corporation

Please visit www.qfor.comQuadrant 4 System Corporation is a publicly traded (ticker: QFOR) vertical cloud platform company with a proprietary SMAC stack technologies. We have offer Platform-As-A-Service and Software-As-A-Service to the following verticals:Health insurance (qHIX - Benefit…

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Ascend Learning Corporation

Ascend Learning is a leader in technology based learning solutions that more efficiently deliver higher performance student results in healthcare and other professional fields. We produce unique content, software and great student results. Through our rigorously researched assessments, continuous…

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2ndSquare Corporation

2ndSquare is our patent-pending second-screen and dual-screen software and content delivery platform which enables non-technical content publishers to deploy second screen products and services without development.

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Uncommon Wisdom Daily Corporation

Uncommon Wisdom Daily is interested in connecting with lending and other capital providers as we continue to grow. Uncommon Wisdom launched March 2, 2009, and built a full team in 2013 and 2014 to build on our free daily investment e-newsletter published each morning before the U.S. markets open…

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Buttons Sound Inc. Corporation

Rich Macar came to New York with a Synclavier and started solving creative problems on tight schedules and tight budgets – for projects like Steven King's Maximum Overdrive and the haunting music-box scene in Francis Ford Coppola's Peggy Sue Got Married.That was 1985 at Sound One NY.Because Rich…

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RevenueMantra Digital Media Corporation

Who we areA core team with over 40 years of experience in digital media & advertising and over 50 years in information technology across 4 continents. We are available on-demand, work transparently and communicate frequently with our customers to deliver results that exceed their expectations.How…

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Gunter Media Group, Inc. Corporation

Gunter Media Group Inc. (GMG) is a strategic management consulting firm that helps executives to not only solve their key operational, technical and human assets but address new business opportunities. Our expertise extends beyond sales, marketing, operations and technology to M&A, capital raise…

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Noci Pictures Entertainment Corporation

Noci is bridging the convergence of original content (film, tv, digital ), production, and distribution across all platforms (mobile, VOD, OTT, U.S. theatrical distribution, international sales, licensing and syndication).Many HNW investors in this space include Larry Ellison Family/Oracle, Jeff…

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Ehrlich Wesen & Dauer, LLC Corporation

Ehrlich Wesen & Dauer, LLC (EWD) is a private, Pittsburgh-based research & development company with core competencies in Internet data security and software engineering. EWD owns, maintains, and deploys a suite of information security products, including Site Sentinel, Network Sentinel,…

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CopyPress Corporation

Creating things is our passion at CopyPress. Since 2009, we’ve fed that passion by building software, products, and services that help creatives and advertisers do the same. We built a Community where writers, designers, and developers can create their own micro-businesses centered around their…

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