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Wherewithal Partners Inc. Independent Sponsor

Wherewithal Partners Inc. is a private investment firm focused on niche cash-generative businesses in out-of-favour, mis-understood and under-appreciated industries / sectors with a primary focus on opportunities in Canada, in addition to opportunities in the United States.

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Quadrivium Advisors Independent Sponsor

Quadrivium Advisors is a Toronto-based independent sponsor that partners with senior executives and serial entrepreneurs to acquire small to medium-sized businesses across Canada.Since our inception in 2009, we have successfully partnered with first-time and serial entrepreneurs, as well as private…

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Roar Partners Independent Sponsor

ROAR Partners is a Canadian Independent Sponsor, established to acquire and build-upon companies focused on IT and Business Services targeting the changing nature of digital and risk management solutions of financial services companies, predominantly wealth management. The founding Managing…

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AD Capital Independent Sponsor

AD Capital is a privately held entrepreneurial investment firm that aims to own and operate small-to medium-sized businesses for the long-term. We are growth-minded entrepreneurs with backgrounds in private equity and investment banking. We take pride in continuing and growing the legacy of our…

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Landmark Capital Independent Sponsor

Landmark Capital is a buy-out firm that specializes in acquiring and actively managing small businesses.Our goal is to actively manage a small number of companies and fully devote ourselves to its employees, customers, and operations. Following the acquisition, we will join the senior management…

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A1Capital Inc. Independent Sponsor

A1Capital Inc. is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We plan to work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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Daytime Dental Independent Sponsor

Daytime Dental was founded with the purpose of offering Canadian dentists exclusive options throughout their careers: Options for younger dentists to develop their clinical skills with support from experts in the profession; Options for dentists to create a healthy work life balance; Options to be…

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Cascadia Equity Partners Independent Sponsor

Cascadia Equity Partners invests in the long-term success of mid-market businesses by pairing capital with expertise in strategy development & execution.Cascadia works with every prospective partner to build a long-term value creation strategy and tailors each investment around strategy…

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Chrysalis Capital Advisors, Inc. Independent Sponsor

We are seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs who share a common passion for aligning with small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the successful entrepreneurs who navigate them.Our passion is a direct extension of our belief that SMEs are the driving force of our economy and entrepreneurs…

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Quadra Global Capital Independent Sponsor

Quadra Global Capital Corp makes private equity investments in established businesses with at least $2,000,000 of EBITDA and enterprise values of up to $100,000,000 which Quadra believes are well-managed and have historically been consistently profitable businesses. Our investment approach is to…

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