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Unilogik Systems, Inc. Corporation

Note: Included financials are a rough estimate of performance. Unilogik Systems Inc has been in business for over 18 years, specializing in providing Information Technology Infrastructure Solutions to business clients in Canada. We work with our clients to determine a technology strategy that meets…

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Dowco Group Corporation

Established in the 1970, Dowco Consultants Ltd. (“Dowco” or “the Company”) is a leading specialized 3D modeling, steel detailing firm in North America and is among the largest fully automated steel detail engineering companies in the world. As one of the earliest adopters of technology…

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Hydrobloc Corporation

The concept behind the Hydrobloc product was initiated over 20 years ago well before in plant production began in 1994 at the Grand-Mère facility in Québec Canada.The name Hydrobloc comes from the fact that the material is permeable meaning that water can passe through the product (Hydro) and the…

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Dawn Construction Ltd. Corporation

At Dawn Construction, we understand who works for whom. Not just at the beginning of a project, but throughout the whole process. If you have a question or concern, we welcome hearing from you any time!At Dawn, we strive to be innovators in our industry. We provide our clients with proven…

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Masterloy Products Company Corporation

Masterloy Products Company, located in Ottawa, Canada has been producing ferrovanadium and ferromolybdenum for over 50 years. Our passion and dedication to quality has helped us build strong and lasting customer relationships.We are also Canada's only independent converter of ferrovanadium and…

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Fytozimus Biotech Inc. Corporation

In 2007, Fytozimus Biotech Inc., was formed to meet dairy manufacturers' needs for a more natural, flexible and environmentally conscious approach to the creation of their products.With its corporated headquarters located in the economically strong region of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and its…

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FileFacets Corporation

FileFacets is an Intelligent Migration (IG) SaaS solution provider to the enterprise market with a goal of $100M in revenue in year 5. To reach the 5 year goal of $100M revenue mark, FileFacets must acquire 5,000 customers at a $20,000 ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) each. The company has set plans…

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Forest Fibers Inc. Corporation

Your single source, one-stop shop!Forest Fibers inc. integrates multi-divisions companies. These work in conjunction with each other to provide strategic advantages in the market place. All divisions offer an integrated solutions package that essentially benefits both our suppliers and customers.We…

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Striped Petroleum Power Corporation

SPPL IS A OIL AND GAS AND ULTERNAT ENERGY, EXPLORATION COMPANYPRESENTLY WORKING ON BIOMASS POWER PROJECTEXAMPLE:BIOMASS GASIFICATION POWER PLANTThe basic principle of biomass gasification power generation system(abbreviated as BGPS) is to convert Agriculture and forestry products and wood…

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