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JW Hill Capital Independent Sponsor

JW Hill Capital, a Newport Beach California-based private equity firm, leverages its industry expertise and operating experience to buy and build small- to lower-middle market companies. We are experienced operators, with an extensive network of industry experts and accomplished professionals…

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ETFx Investment Partners Independent Sponsor

ETFx Investment Partners offers investment and professional services based on our research of themes rooted in the confluence of long-term forces interlinking population, energy, food and water.

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Nexturn Partners, LLC Independent Sponsor

Nexturn Partners, LLC is a boutique consulting, business development and investment firm focused on growth-oriented small- to mid-sized companies. Nexturn works with clients as advisors, consultants or as partners to incubate and execute innovative ideas that deliver sustainable results.Nexturn…

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Optimal Investment Group Independent Sponsor

Optimal Investment Group (OIG) is a private investment firm focused on investing in lower middle market business acquisitions throughout North America. OIG invests in companies we believe show potential for growth and increased profitability.OIG is flexible and growth-minded, utilizing our vast…

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Sannord LLC Independent Sponsor

Sannord LLC offers business leadership, strategy and M&A consulting for privately-held manufacturing companies. Neal Nordstrom, the president of Sannord LLC, is an Advisory Board member for four companies including private-equity and venture capital owned specialty manufacturers.

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Erik Pickering Independent Sponsor

I am looking for another business to buy and run. I bring management experience and am looking to partner with an existing owner who would like to start their retirement process. I would like to transition into running the company (on whatever pace they would like) and grow it together, building on…

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The Palomar Group Independent Sponsor

The Palomar Group is a private investment and advisory firm that was founded based on the premise that the most important factor driving substantial, long-term value creation is a relentless focus on building fundamentally better businesses. Our innovative and disciplined blueprint for identifying…

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Minerva Equity Independent Sponsor

Minerva Equity is a boutique acquisition firm focusing on the lower mid-market.We acquire controlling stakes in companies that we believe to be well run, have a talented management team in place and ownership that is departing.We pride ourselves in having a "people first approach" to business.

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Bluesilver Partners Independent Sponsor

Bluesilver Partners is a high net worth group of experienced operators of industrial businesses. We are seeking to make a platform investment in a niche business.Our team has significant experience in transitioning businesses from founding owners.We intend to be long term holders of the acquired…

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