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Dataprom Corporation

A Dataprom Equipamentos e Serviços de Informática Industrial Ltda é uma empresa brasileira, com sede em Curitiba/PR, que, desde 1988, atua em pesquisa, desenvolvimento, produção de equipamentos e softwares e prestação de serviços especializados em eletrônica e informática industrial.

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Craton-Roche Recursos Minerais Ltda Corporation

Craton-Roche is a mineral resources company, which at this time owns four granite mines with 2.5 million m³ of Proved Reserves and 12 million m³ Probable Reserves. The Brazilian Mining Department approved the geological technical reports. The quality of Brazilian natural stones makes turns them a…

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Takenet Corporation's Mission: Transform the mobile world into business for ALL! Vision: Provide Mobile Presence for Enterprises and Individuals throught technologies and business developed by Takenet in deep integration with MNO's. can provide mobile presence using software and business services (aka…

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Legatus Asset Management Corporation

Legatus Asset Management (Legatus) is an Independent Business Platform focused on an unique mode of Real Estate Assets Development and Management.- Founded by Real Estate business executives that combined their technical, operational and analytic experiences to offer a differential investment case…

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Sol Tecnologia Corporation

Responsible and sustainable development of the Country, with projects that help enhance living condition, promoting actions that help recover from uncertainties created by Men.

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Pipa Securitizadora SA Corporation

Pipa Securitizadora is an Agricultural Securitization company. Pipa is currently merging with AgroSeeds, a leading Fertilizer, Ag Chemical and Seed distributor in Mato Grosso, the largest soybean production cluster in Brazil and one of the largest in the World. Our combined company trades inputs in…

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LAL Pesquisa Clínica Corporation

LAL is a privately-owned company specialized in clinical trials. We are the only full-service company in Brazil, offering bioequivalence tests, Phase I, II, III and IV trials, as well as regulatory consulting, medical writings, biostatistics, data management and e-CRF. Our clients are the most…

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JM Souto Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda Corporation

Since it was founded in 1993, JM Souto has been active in the engineering market, providing high performance solutions, from conceptual projects through to the detailing and execution phases. We also provide technical support, project management and supervision services in the areas of Transport…

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Iochpe-Maxion S.A. Corporation

Our company operates in the automotive and railroad sectors. We are a world leader in the production of automotive wheels, a leading producer of automotive structural components in the Americas, and a leading producer of railway equipment in Brazil. We have 32 factories located in 14 countries and…

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GeoQuasar Corporation

GEOQUASAR is a company specialized in providing technical solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry, covering all of the E&P chain throughout Latin America. GeoQuasar provides high-level vision and guidance for E&P upstream decision makers to locate, characterize and capitalize on subsurface hydrocarbon…

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