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Axial Q2 Most Active Leaderboards Released

Each quarter Axial ranks our most active Members through leaderboards to identify firms doing the most deals, connecting most often, and having the biggest impact in the lower and middle market. Today we’re releasing our updated Q2 leaderboards, including the newly added Lenders category.

This quarter we saw significant movement in the Private Equity leaderboards, some movement among Corporate Acquirers and many familiar firm names on the Investment Bank leaderboard.

Private Equity

In the first quarter, the difference between the 15th and 50th private equity firms was a mere two points, leading to significant movement in the second quarter. Only a few firms were able to retain their position on the Private Equity Leaderboard. G&H Ventures, Smith Equity Partners and the Harbour Group all stayed close to the top, in 4th, 5th and 6th respectively after being in the top 5 last quarter. The Edgewater Funds, The Courtney Group and Lazarus Capital Partners all managed to stay on the list, though only Lazarus moved up.

Rank Firm HQ Activity Level*
1 Crescendo Capital Partners CA 91.4
2 Catalus Capital CT 91.0
3 Foundation Investment Partners OH 90.8
4 G&H Ventures TX 89.5
5 Smith Equity Partners IN 89.1

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Investment Banks

While the private equity table moved around significantly, the Investment Bank Leaderboard looks very similar to last quarter. There are only 6 new firms on the list as 8 of the top 10 returned from last quarter. Foxcode led all banks in activity and was joined by other newcomers Primary Capital , FTM Capital, Chardan Capital Markets, Focus Bankers, and Stern Brothers & Co on the list. Foxcode was the only newcomer to break into the top 5, as Corporate Finance Associates, Vercor and Global Capital Markets remained near the top this quarter.

Rank Firm HQ Activity Level*
1 Foxcode PA 92.1
2 Corporate Finance Associates TN 91.5
3 Monarch Bay Securities CA 91.4
4 Vercor GA 91.3
5 Global Capital Markets CA 91.0

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Corporate Acquirers

The Corporate Acquirers Leaderboard remained very similar to last quarter, with roughly half of the list changing. Integrated Electrical Services and RockPile joined the leaderboard at the top of the list. Over the last quarter, the competition to get on the list increased as the top 11 from Q2 would have qualified for the top 6 in Q1.

Rank Firm HQ Activity Level*
1 Integrated Electrical Services CT 85.1
2 E&A Industries IN 83.7
3 RockPile CO 83.4
4 Xerox Corp (NYSE: XRX) CT 82.6
5 EDSCO Fasteners TX 82.0

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This quarter we added a new category for lenders. Lynbrook Capital Group led the group, followed by a closely collected group – firms 2-6 were separated by less than half a point. As lenders have started providing direct growth capital to companies, leverage for buyouts and mezzanine capital to the network, we’re starting to see an uptick in both interest and activity.

Rank Firm HQ Activity Level*
1 Lynbrook Capital Group NY 86.6
2 Advantage Capital Partners LA 84.5
3 Seacoast Capital MA 84.4
4 Noble Funding FL 84.3
5 Marquette Capital Partners MN 84.2

View the ranking of the top 15 lower middle market lenders on Axial.

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