Quiz: PE-Backed or Not?

PE is often hidden in plain sight. At the start of The New Tycoons, Jason Kelley remarked that, while walking around Legoland, a Blackstone-owned property, he realized, “Practically every time I’d opened my wallet that day, it had been to a company owned by private equity.” He added, “We’d woken up in a Homewood Suites, owned by Blackstone-backed Hilton. We’d driven to the park in a rental car from Hertz, owned by private-equity firms Carlyle and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.”

The ubiquity of private equity is hard to deny. But just how well do you know the universe of PE-backed portfolio companies? Below is a quiz with 8 questions to test your knowledge. We’ll follow up in a couple of days to let you know how you know the aggregate scores.

Free Excel Tool: Deal Sourcing Funnel Calculator
Free Excel Tool: Deal Sourcing Funnel Calculator
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