Several months ago, we hosted a panel on Building a Differentiated Private Equity Brand with David Hellier of Bertram Capital, Kelly Brennan of Ridgemont Equity Partners, and David Turner of Guardian Life Insurance Company. The three discussed some of the best practices, strategies, and tactics they have learned to develop a successful and differentiated brand.

From rolling out the brand to using social media, the clips discuss some quick tips to implement and realize some greater separation from your competition and gain positive attention from LPs and companies alike.

On Rolling Out a Brand:

If you’ve zeroed in on your brand identity, how do you bring it to market? With so many different channels to optimize, consistency and successfully closing deals are critical to brand awareness and recognition.

On How LPs Build Brands:

David Turner, the resident LP of the panel, speaks to the importance of branding between LPs. Unsurprisingly, many of the concerns and considerations are the same between an LP and a GP.

On Using Social Media:

While use of social media — like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn — might not have great ROI for a private equity fund or other deal professionals, it can have strong benefits for consumer-facing portfolio companies.

On Using Press Releases for Branding:

One of the most proven channels for publicity is the press release. While all three panel members agree on the value of a press release, there are a few subtle tactics that can enhance the effectiveness of your announcements. David Hellier explains in this video.