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Our Teams

Axialites pursue extraordinary. Every team has an important role in making Axial what it is today. Check out what you could be up to:


The Axial Corps of Engineers builds software that empowers entrepreneurs worldwide to connect with the capital and specialized advice they need to grow, finance or sell their business.

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On the Talent team, you will constantly work hard at finding and cultivating incredible talent while protecting Axial’s special culture. You are directly helping to shape a fast growing company.

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You’ll be responsible for conceptualizing, shaping, and launching products that make our Members successful. Your decisions will help us determine where we go in the next few years.


You'll help build a respected, growing brand that attracts new, prospective Members while developing strategies that change the way the industry views Axial.


On the sales team, you’ll be selling a new service that is transforming the Entrepreneurial Economy. You’ll drive the growth and engagement of Axial’s Membership base by prospecting, qualifying, and nurturing Member relationships.

Account Management

Our Member Success team is building high quality relationships with Axial Members in order to educate, engage, retain, upsell, and create advocates out of our paying customers.


You’ll be keeping track of our finances in order to help us make critical decisions about where the company is headed. You are always wondering where our money is, who is spending it, and who is paying us.


You'll be the support that allows Axial to scale successfully. We have Operations positions on most of our teams and rely heavily on their contribution.

“Everybody who comes here improves the environment. Startups go through all these ups and downs and we really need very strong, positive people.”

— Peter Lehrman,
Chief Executive Officer


We are a diverse group of individuals who come from all walks of life.


We hail from, or have lived for 6+ months: Russia, Scotland, Taiwan, Australia, Serbia, Israel, China, Iran, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, France, Uzbekistan, Korea, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Yugoslavia, El Salvador, Denmark, Indonesia, Singapore, England, and Switzerland.


We played these sports at the college level: Lacrosse, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Fencing, Tennis, Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee.


Your can hear/see these languages at HQ: French, Russian, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Serbian, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Python, and Javascript.

Our Office

Axial HQ occupies two bright, loft-style floors, located in the Flatiron district. We operate with an open floor plan which empowers collaboration and keeps us constantly connected.

Advantages of Being an Axialite

Once you join, there are lots of great Axialite Advantages at your fingertips.

You are an Owner

Every Axialite receives options.

Gym Membership

We are members of the NYHRC for a crazy discount.

Continuing Education

We provide in house educational sessions and money to spend on the classes you want.

“Lyceum” Series

Monthly Engineering speakers and quarterly Sales speakers.

Vacation and Holidays

No policy here - Just be sure to take at least 3 weeks of down time!

Open Kitchen

Healthy snacks, Stumptown coffee, Wed catered lunches.

Health Insurance

Health, Dental & Vision with Axial paying most of your premium.


Options to save your money.


Ride in and park on our floor, no chains needed!

And more!

Seasonal Parties, Volunteering Opportunities, Bootcamps...