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Peak Legacy Partners Search Fund

Peak Legacy Partners offers a unique exit for owners interested in retirement, pursuing new ventures, or stepping into an advisory role. Stephen and Austin will relocate their families and take a direct management role in the acquired business with a commitment to preserve its ongoing success and…

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Kola Capital Partners Search Fund

Kola Capital Partners LLC (“Kola”) is a private investment partnership (search fund) focused on identifying, acquiring and operating a single business. The firm is funded by a talented group of experienced investors, former CEOs, entrepreneurs and current operators. After purchasing a business,…

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Maryville Crest Search Fund

Maryville Crest is a partnership between a passionate entrepreneur and a group of experienced investors and operators committed to one goal: Acquire one great business and continue the seller’s legacy for years to come.

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Nordic Rock Capital Search Fund

You have spent your life building a great business. Now you are ready to transition into a new phase. We understand that handing over ownership can be difficult. You want fair compensation for the company you built, but you also want to make sure your legacy is protected in the hands of someone you…

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Tezza Ventures Search Fund

Tezza Ventures is seeking to acquire and operate one high-quality business with a track record of growth and profitability. We believe in investing in the future, resulting in the synthesis of ideas and strategies implemented by legacy owners looking for transition capital and transition…

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BroadWest Partners Search Fund

BroadWest Partners is an investment partnership founded by two entrepreneurs seeking to acquire, operate, and grow a single small to mid-sized company.We represent the capital and experience of a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced operators, and leading investors committed to long-term…

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Cortlandt Park Search Fund

Cortlandt Park LLC was founded to acquire and run one well-built company and offers a compelling exit opportunity for a business owner - a clear management succession plan and financial liquidity. I have worked for a decade as a business advisor and operator across industries and company sizes…

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Cherry Tree Capital Search Fund

Cherry Tree was founded by one entrepreneur with one sole purpose: to acquire and operate one great business in New England. I am a passionate, self-funded entrepreneur looking to work with a business owner who wants to transition their business into caring hands. I built my career in…

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Bonsai Group Search Fund

Bonsai Group provides capital, management, and transition support to enable a successful exit and stable succession for business owners. Bonsai works to protect employees and owner legacy by focusing on continued growth versus resorting to financial engineering and cost cutting.We're looking to…

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The Opportunity Co Search Fund

The Opportunity Co is an unconventional fund created by Chris Bennet and Rob Ryberg. TOC is seeking early and middle market acquisition opportunities to add to its portfolio of investments. The fund was created with a singular goal and focus, to invest in provide greater opportunities to…

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