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Jeffrey Silverman Individual Accredited Investor

Jeffrey Silverman is an individual investor focused on acquiring a small to medium sized business. Post- acquisition, he plans to assume an operational role to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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Navvuu Individual Accredited Investor

Acquiring one small business to continue & grow it’s rich culture, values, and team. Experienced with a handful of acquisitions and a few exits.

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Mark Sinatra Individual Accredited Investor

Mark Sinatra is an individual investor focused on acquiring companies based in California and Texas with cash flow of $300k to $1MM. Shortly after graduating Wharton’s MBA program, Mark embarked on a quest to acquire and operate a company; and in July 2008 after researching the PEO industry, Mark…

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CARDRAC Search Partners Individual Accredited Investor

CARDRAC Search Partners is a fully-funded, family-office based search fund in Houston, TX. We are looking to acquire small private businesses in the general Houston MSA.

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Andrew Knapp Inc. Individual Accredited Investor

Andrew Knapp is a seasoned operator with a career spanning software, business services, consulting and financial services. Andrew Knapp began his career in the Actuarial Executive Development Program at CIGNA focusing primarily on international markets. He subsequently worked as a consultant in…

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Matthew Tomme Individual Accredited Investor

Matthew Tomme is an individual searcher focused on acquiring a single company with consistent customer base and opportunities to strengthen operations generating $500K – $1.5M in SDE located in the Intermountain West region with a current strong focus on Western Colorado.Areas of focus are…

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Raj Jayaraman Individual Accredited Investor

Raj Jayaraman is an individual lead investor, backed by reliable funding sources. He is currently focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. Raj targets deals in the revenue range of $2M to $10M, and are looking for opportunities primarily in the Mid-West. Key criteria are stable, recurring…

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Arrowhead Capital Group Individual Accredited Investor

Arrowhead Capital Group (“Arrowhead”) is a fully integrated third generation private real estate investment firm. Arrowhead’s partners have over 150 years of collective real estate experience and currently manage a portfolio of over $500mm in real estate assets.Arrowhead makes direct equity…

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Elliot Cunningham Individual Accredited Investor

Individual investor looking to own and operate a business with around $1M in cash flow. Would love to work with a strong team that is currently in place and provide incentive opportunities for employees to share in the profitability of the firm.

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Arsi Energy Individual Accredited Investor

Motivated buyer of Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate and Services. I can manage teams, replace teams, optimize and raise capital for my focus area. My background is engineering with a focus on operations and financing. Looking for inefficiencies from an operational standpoint…

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