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Powering The Lower Middle Market

Axial is the largest platform on the internet for buying, selling, advising, and financing private companies. Over the last 10 years, Axial has established a single, well-known platform that business owners and deal professionals trust to discover and connect with new transaction partners.

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About the Network

What Is Axial

Axial is a private deal network serving professionals who own, advise, and invest in North American lower middle market companies. Axial’s deal-sourcing and deal marketing tools are used to facilitate the discovery and execution of transactions that meet the following criteria:

  • Geography: US & Canada based businesses
  • Revenue: $2.5M – $250M
  • EBITDA: $250K to $25M
  • Transaction Types: M&A, Debt, Minority Equity, & Co-Investments
  • Industry Verticals: Healthcare, TMT (Tech, Media & Telecom), Industrials, Consumer, Business Services, Food & Beverage, Transportation & Logistics, Financial Services, Energy, Education


How The Software Works

Axial’s platform reflects how lower middle market transactions get done — privately and confidentially. Unlike public deal listing sites, Axial sell-side members retain total control and confidentiality over whom, how, and when they approach the market.

  1. The buy-side granularly describes their criteria and interests.
  2. The sell-side inputs details of the company they’re working with or transaction they’re bringing to market [through a confidential, private research tool].
  3. Axial’s algorithms analyze each buy-side member’s deal criteria, and privately recommends matching parties for the sell-side to approach, ordered by relevance.
  4. The sell-side reviews each buy-side profile, selects who to engage, and can tailor each message and attachment. All sending on Axial is done directly – there are no public listing (or deal searching) capabilities through Axial’s platform.
  5. Buy-side recipients receive the deal opportunity to their email and Axial account, knowing it’s a fit for their preferences and sent from a qualified sell-side party.

To the sell-side, Axial is an incredibly efficient tool that helps discover and prioritize the right buy-side targets for any deal. To the buy-side, Axial maximizes coverage of relevant deal opportunities coming from lower middle market CEOs and 3,500+ boutique M&A advisory firms.

Virtual and In-Person Events

Axial’s events are rated as some of the most productive networking events in the industry. Through national, regional, industry-specific, and virtual events, we focus on having a calculated ratio of buyers, capital providers, intermediaries and companies, while curating meetings between attendees beforehand.

The statistics speak for themselves. Here are some numbers from our one-day New York event held in October 2019.

  • 750+ meetings held among 125 attendees
  • 55% sell-side attendees, 45% buyside
  • 160+ active deals in the room
  • Check sizes ranging from $100K-$500M
  • Average company size of $23M

Reputation Data and Content Marketing

Axial shines a light on the lower middle market like never before. Our leaderboards, closed deal badges (pictured at the left), and publishing platforms help our members differentiate and distinguish themselves, making it easier for market participants to convey their own credibility and engage one another with the appropriate levels of trust and confidence. 

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