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Version 2.5 of Axial Released

Over the last 12 months, we have received excellent feedback from many of you on how to make our technology platform more productive, easy-to-use and functional.  We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Axial v2.5, which will available later this week. The v2.5 enhancements are designed to enable our Members to create, receive, discover and deliver opportunities with greater speed, efficiency and simplicity.

Enhancements for All Members

  • Improved Site Speed – Speed improvements have been made across all parts of the site, making all user activities faster.
  • Streamlined NDA Workflow –We have greatly improved the Opportunity NDA workflow, including:
    • When reviewing an Opportunity, Buyers can indicate “I am interested – Review/Request NDA”; if the NDA has been attached to the Opportunity, it will become immediately available to the Sponsor, cutting out unnecessary steps and effort for the intermediary end. If an NDA has not been attached to the Opportunity, the Intermediary will receive an NDA Request (as they do today).
    • Once a Buyer confirms interest, contact information for both parties will be revealed.
  • New! Instantly Create PDFs – All Members will now be able to easily generate a PDF version of an Opportunity, suitable for printing, reading and distributing offline.
  • Automatic Document Upload Notifications – We have enabled both Buyers and Intermediaries to more easily manage the current stage of an Opportunity, and optimized the process of sending documents (NDAs, IOIs, and LOIs) which now will automatically update the stage of the Opportunity on the dashboard and notify the Intermediary and Buyer.
  • Optimized Data Display – Information display has been optimized to better show relevant data and hide irrelevant data.
  • Optimized Buyer Profiles – Buyer profile display has been improved and optimized to better present relevant information.
  • Optimized Financial Information – Financial information display for an opportunity has been improved.
  • Sortable Columns – All columns are sortable when viewing lists of Opportunities and Sponsors.

Enhancements For Intermediaries & Entrepreneurs

  • New! Online Teaser Creation – Intermediaries & Entrepreneurs can now easily create a rich Teaser directly within the Axial instead of having to upload a document. The creation process supports easy cut-and-paste from Microsoft Word.
  • New! Save Drafts of Opportunities – Intermediaries & Entrepreneurs can save a partially completed Opportunity and return later to finish entering information prior to submitting it to Sponsors.

If you have any questions regarding the v2.5 upgrade, we’d love to hear them and provide you with clear answers and any needed support. You can either contact your ongoing point of contact at Axial, or send your questions to us at [email protected].

Thank you for all your support!

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