What is Axial?

Axial runs a private network that helps middle market companies and advisors find the right buyers and investors. We connect members through an online platform, intimate events, curated introductions, and the most sophisticated deal-oriented matching engine in the world.

Products, Services & Events for the lower middle market.

Over 11,000 buyers, investors, lenders, advisors and private companies currently use Axial. Since 2009, advisors and CEOs have privately marketed over 40,000 transaction opportunities to interested parties on the other side.

How the Software Works

Axial’s product mirrors how most choose to conduct their deal processes traditionally — in a deliberate and confidential manner. The buy-side granularly describes their criteria and interests, and the intermediary or company describes the underlying characteristics of the business. Axial's algorithms then recommends the most relevant parties for them to approach, taking into account each buyer’s and investor’s real-time intent, plus the strategic and financial interests on both sides of a deal.

All deals are private. Companies and intermediaries on the sell-side have the discretion to be selective with whom they target and when they reach out. They can send a highly customized message and teaser. The buy-side can then respond directly from their email inbox, sign an NDA, and move into the deal process.

To the sell-side, we are an incredibly efficient market intelligence tool that helps them discover and prioritize the right targets for their deal. To the buy-side, we ensure that they get in front of the right advisors for the right deal at the right time.

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Learn how our members think about ROI
The deal network, while valuable in itself, is not just the deal. It's the relationship and introduction with the person on the other side of the deal, which may result in three or four or five or ten more deals over the years.
Seth Tutlis
Harvest Capital Credit
An Outsourced Business Development Team

Axial's professional services team works directly with you, acting as an extension of your business development team. We did a study with 150 investment firms and discovered that working with an Axial relationship manager increased deal flow by an average of 32%.

Benefits of Professional Services

  • Advocate on your behalf to intermediaries, prioritizing your firm for new opportunities
  • Screen and respond to new opportunities within 3 days
  • Leverage warm introductions to intermediaries, company owners and other investors
  • Schedule an additional 2-4 meetings whenever you are travelling to maximize ROI on business trips
  • Attending at least 3 Axial networking events during the year for which your relationship manager has helped you prepare.
  • Know how you stack up to your competition benchmarking across marketing, relationship and deal flow metrics.
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At Axial Concord in 2016 I had over 15 one-on-one meetings selected and set up for me by my consultant. It was the most productive event I have ever been to. We got multiple actionable leads, one of which has already closed and another is expected to close soon.
Tony Alvarado
The Chenega Corporation
Intimate Networking Events

Axial’s events are rated as some of the most productive networking events for middle market deal professionals in the industry. Through national, regional, and industry-specific events, we focus on having a calculated ratio of buyers, capital providers, intermediaries and companies, while curating meetings between attendees beforehand.

The statistics speak for themselves. Here are some numbers from our one-day Chicago event held in July 2017.

  • 750+ meetings held among 125 attendees
  • 55% sell-side attendees, 45% buyside
  • 160+ active deals in the room
  • Check sizes ranging from $100K-$500M
  • Average company size of $23M
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