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  1. Complete the Advisor Finder intake form, which we’ll use to curate a handful of advisors within our network that we think are the best fits for your business and objectives.
  2. Schedule your personalized onboarding call with our team
  3. Review advisor curations. We’ll help you select which ones to speak with and then facilitate the introductions.
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How does the platform work?

Axial is a deal origination platform that confidentially connects lower middle-market entrepreneurs and their advisors to buyers, investors and lenders.

Members who seek to acquire, invest in or lend to businesses create Deal Sourcing Projects on Axial that articulate their criteria. Those Deal Sourcing Projects make it easy for sellers and their advisors to find you at the moment they are deciding whom to invite to a deal process.

How does Axial charge?

Axial offers unlimited usage and unlimited seats to all its members. Axial charges the buy-side member a success fee when that member has successfully consummated a transaction that was first discovered via the platform. M&A advisors who are representing a client on the sell-side do not pay any subscription or success fees.

Do I pay a success fee if I’m already in an active dialog with a seller or the seller’s advisor about the same deal?

As long as you provided proof of active two-way communication that pre-dates the time at which you discovered the deal via Axial, you are eligible for an exemption on that specific deal. Blast emails are not considered two-way communication. You must request an exemption within 10 business days of sourcing the deal via Axial.

Exemptions are issued on a deal-specific basis subject to the above outlined exemption process. Axial supports Account Suppression Filtering if you would like to prevent any Axial members from sharing deals with you via Axial. This functionality is covered during the onboarding process and is available to all members throughout membership.

Can I use Axial to raise capital for a transaction that I already have under LOI? And does Axial charge for this?

Yes. Axial has built debt and equity capital raising tools for its members to raise capital from other members. You can use these tools once you’re under signed LOI on a transaction. There is no charge to use these tools.

Does Axial perform any qualification of its members?

The Axial platform works best when its members are professional and act in good faith. To best achieve this, every member on Axial is personally onboarded by an Axial employee, and every member must attest to being duly accredited in accordance with various SEC regulations, including but not limited to the Securities Act of 1933.

In addition, every member of the Axial platform is subject to the Axial Code of Conduct. Members who violate the Axial Code of Conduct are suspended or permanently banned from the platform.

Axial provides member ratings tools, which allow members to rate and review other members with whom they’ve interacted via the platform. Axial also provides tools for members to report inappropriate member behavior anonymously.

If you’re stuck or have questions, feel free to schedule a call with our team at any time

If you’re stuck or have questions, feel free to schedule a call with our team at any time