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Top 5 Articles from March

1) 9 Clauses to Include in Every NDA


NDAs have become so common in middle market transactions that many deal professionals have begun overlooking their importance. However, proper negotiation of the NDA can be an early indicator of what the entire transaction process will be like. This guide highlights the 9 clauses to include in every NDA and strategies in NDA negotiation.

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2) The 20 Minute DCF: Free Excel Template


While there are several primary ways to value a business, the discounted cash flow (“DCF”) methodology is by far the most popular. Unfortunately, building a DCF model is both exceptionally complicated and very time consuming, taking between several hours and several days to complete. This is why we decided to build a free downloadable DCF excel template for our readers to access here.

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After our successful Deals in the Air conference last year, we are excited to announce our Deals on the Rail this year. In August, we will host a select group of 150 dealmakers for a two-week, transnational (and transactional) train ride of business development, deal sourcing, and relationship building.

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  3) 15 Conferences to Attend in Q2’14


Below is a list of 15 conferences in Q2’14 that target middle market deal professionals and facilitate deals around the United States. As we have previously discussed, conferences can be an excellent way to boost business development and increase visibility on opportunities.

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4) What the SEC’s No-Action Letter Means for M&A Brokers


On January 31, 2014, the SEC issued a no-action letter, providing “M&A Brokers” relief from broker-dealer registration requirements in limited circumstances. The SEC’s letter represents a shifting mindset that may serve as a harbinger of things to come in private M&A securities regulation, and how they may bolster middle market M&A.

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5) Why the Traditional Search Fund Model is Changing

Event ROI

Search funds have not always had the best reputation. But that may be changing. Recently, the traditional search fund model has changed to address some of the common concerns — namely lack of experience and lack of committed capital. To learn more about the developments, we spoke with Professors Yudkoff and Ruback of Harvard Business School and Kousha Bautista-Saeyan of Long Trail Leadership.

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