Sell-side Outreach Tools Are Leveling Up

Simon Riker Axial | June 18, 2018

Nearly one full year since overhauling the Axial platform, the product and engineering teams at Axial remain focused on crafting an experience that’s increasingly intuitive, efficient, and effective at helping our members get deals done.

One of our most recent updates puts finer control into the hands of our sell-side members when it comes to first impressions while bringing a deal to market through Axial.

What’s new?

1. Tailor outreach with custom subject lines

Now, when you share an opportunity with another Axial member, you’ll have the ability to customize the subject line of the email that lands in their inbox. Previously, the subject line was locked in as the headline of the project. Custom subject lines are an opportunity to tailor your outreach and gain a strategic edge.



2. Start notes with a personal touch, even if outreach is broad

The platform now handles first names just like you’d expect from your favorite “mail merge” software. So whether you’re sending a teaser to four members or forty, you can be sure that your note starts off with exactly the right greeting. No more need to send each note off one-by-one to put that professional polish on it.


3. Save time with project-specific message templates

You now have the ability to save a draft of your preferred message/letter as you are filling out the details of your opportunity. This saves a lot of copy-and-paste time if you are reaching out to buy-side members at different times, such as when a new member joins Axial and turns out to be a great recommendation for your deal.



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