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Customizable e-NDAs Come to Axial


In the blink of an eye, remote work is the new normal for thousands of M&A professionals. Travel is nearly banned. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of lower middle market businesses are managing through an unprecedented crisis.

To accelerate the lower middle market’s digital dealmaking capabilities, Axial today is releasing fully customizable digital e-NDAs.

100% mobile friendly and legally binding, Axial members can now review, manage and execute seller-customized NDAs from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s time for the “print, sign, scan, email/fax back” routine to exit stage left.

Here are the basics:

  1. Sellers upload your PDF NDA to your private Axial project; it’s automatically ready for e-signature
  2. Select the custom fields to include for counterparty review, or use the auto-attach feature
  3. Ta-da. Your NDA is now a Custom eNDA, and is 100% mobile-friendly (iOS or Android)
  4. No app downloads needed
  5. All signatures are 100% legally binding

Of course, Axial will continue to offer the Axial Standard NDA option, which has now been successfully executed over 35,000 times by over 2,000 Axial member counterparties.

The lower middle market’s financing and M&A markets *must* function more swiftly and effectively now more than ever before. Mobile-friendly customizable eNDAs make it much faster and easier to engage effectively with business owners during this vital period.

Any questions, reach out to us at We’re looking forward to helping the market and all Axial members adopt these tools.

~ The Team at Axial


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