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Ruiz Investment Group Corporation

Ruiz Investment Group has been involved in real estate investment and construction as well as management of multi-family housing throughout the Southwestern United States. In that time, the firm has become strong, structurally sound and financially secure. Together with its affiliates, Ruiz…

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Convoy Therapeutics Corporation

At Convoy Therapeutics, we believe our uniqueness as a dermatology company lies in using cutting edge science and innovation to effectively treat the skin. Our mission is to develop transformative products to address unmet needs while optimizing outcomes for our patients.Convoy Therapeutics was…

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MicronView Corporation

MicronView, LLC (MV) combines innovative, optical technology and expertise to produce and distribute BAMS (BioAerosol Monitoring System), a leading patent-pending, real-time microbial monitor. BAMS provides test results instantaneously. It reduces both lost time and lost production costs,…

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The Caliber Group Corporation

Caliber is a brand marketing, public relations and interactive firm based in Arizona representing clients across the U.S. that engage with national and international customers.We are experts at building brand awareness, differentiation, preference, and loyalty for our clients’ organizations,…

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Revolutionary Medical Devices Corporation

Revolutionary Medical Devices, Inc. began June 2013. Since inception, RMD has focused on developing innovative technologies to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency with regards to airway management. RMD has already received worldwide recognition from Key Opinion Leaders within airway…

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SEAT, LLC Corporation

Our vision is to redefine the “Consumer Fresh” market like Apple did Music distribution marketGrow high quality produce at a reduced operating cost by adopting Near Zero Carbon (NZC) Greenhouse technologyMarket produce directly to high-end consumers/restaurants/hotels by utilizing AskNshare.net…

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Winnett Perico Corporation

Winnett Perico develops organic farms and ranches throughout the western US. We raise organic fresh vegetables for your local market. We grow and ship over 70 fresh and organic food products to distributors and major grocery chains throughout the United States.

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Tucson Embedded Corporation

Tucson Embedded Systems, Inc (TES) was founded in 1997. TES is a leading provider of products, services, and embedded systems for the Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Medical, Energy, and Consumer markets. We specialize in developing mission and flight critical hardware and software systems,…

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XCEL Delivery Services Corporation

Xcel Delivery Services is a top quality and full service logistics company specializing in warehousing, distribution, air cargo and freight of all kinds to general courier and routed work. Whether you need expedited, fast, urgent service or want to schedule a weekly pickup, Xcel Delivery Services…

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Ace Vending Corporation

Ace Vending is the refreshingly simple premiere full line vending service operator. We are a privately owned American company. We provide full service coffee, fresh food, snacks and beverage vending throughout the entire United States. You may also purchase our products through our on-line store to…

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