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A Garage Door & Gate Store, Inc. Corporation

Operating in San Diego California since 1982, A GARAGE DOOR AND GATE STORE is a full service company for commercial and residential projects and provides custom fabrication/manufacturing, hardware, installation, 24/7 emergency repair service, routine maintenance programs, technical…

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Bevo Media Corporation

The Bevo Media headquarters are located in San Diego, California. Founded in 2008, Bevo Media has grown into a multi-platform company that has created a more transparent marketplace to buy and sell performance based traffic.The Bevo Ad Exchange is the first ad buying platform that allows…

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CryoMedix Corporation

TechnologyCryoMedix has patents pending for four components that comprise its next generation cryoablation platform technology.Single Phase Liquid Coolants:A group of compounds which have the unique attribute of remaining in a liquid state between room temperature and -190°C when maintained under…

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Lalo Tactical Corporation

Founded in 2008, LALO Tactical is a San Diego based tactical and athletic brand that produces a line of footwear for use in sport, training, aquatic activity and a wide array of military and police functions. Relying on years of ongoing field-testing and evaluation with the U.S. Navy SEALs and…

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RAPID Orthodontics Plus Corporation

The investment required for this project is $4MM over the next 2 years, which will bring us to the market with an approved product. We will need another $10Million for marketing from 2016. This plan assumes available funding for product development during FY 2014.Rapid Orthodontic Plus (ROP) was…

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One Earth Recycling, Corporation

One Earth is dedicated to making recycling as accessible and user-friendly as shopping. This concept brings recycling into a boutique environment with crisp design and lighting patterned on today’s most successful retailers. Additionally, we offer a diverse portfolio of commercial recycling…

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InsideUp, Inc. Corporation

InsideUp was conceived over five years ago with one simple marketing goal: enable services companies to share the use of a cost effective, cloud-based customer acquisition platform that improves sales results. At the same time, InsideUp improves the speed and efficiency with which the business…

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The Elizabeth Hospice Corporation

As we expand, the Elizabeth Hospice is looking to build relationships with other hospice care companies, nursing homes and facility projects. Although we're currently a non-profit, we're interested in having conversations with private entities as we've been approached by these groups in the past.…

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New City Insurance Corporation

The name New City is a metaphor for the practices and service mentality of the company. It elicits the idea that we provide quality and efficient services to our clients in a unique way not typically seen in the insurance industry. As the business has grown over time with employees and clients, our…

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