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Raj Jayaraman Individual Accredited Investor

Raj Jayaraman is an individual lead investor, backed by reliable funding sources. He is currently focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. Raj targets deals in the revenue range of $2M to $10M, and are looking for opportunities primarily in the Mid-West. Key criteria are stable, recurring…

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RMCV Investments LLC Individual Accredited Investor

Richard Coronado is an individual investor focused on acquiring an established product or service B2B company. Targeting EBITDA of $500,000 to $2,000,000 in the greater Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area. He has an engineering degree and MBA. He has over 20 years experience working in…

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enthrive Inc. Individual Accredited Investor

Enthrive was established in 2011 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who wanted to help people live healthier lifestyles. Our company vision is simple: Marry high touch weight loss coaching with high tech propriety technology to help clients reach their weight loss goals and maintain them for…

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Range Capital LP Individual Accredited Investor

Range Capital LLC is a private investment firm focused on the acquisition of lower middle-market companies operating in leading edge industry sectors undergoing transformation or disruption, or inefficient and fragmented industry sectors ripe for consolidation.Range Capital will also consider other…

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Birchview Capital Individual Accredited Investor

Birchview Capital is in the business of growing businesses and creating value for customers, employees and investors. We take control positions in small and medium sized businesses and in partnership with management, invest heavily in their growth and long-term success. We add value by bringing…

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Global Real Estate Investments Individual Accredited Investor

We are a vertically integrated real estate investment firm and venture capital investors that invest in cash flow healthy businesses and real estate assets. We perform each acquisition with high work ethics, and professionalism. Our combined 40 years of experienced operating real estate assets and…

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Brad Smith Individual Accredited Investor

Brad Smith is an individual with over 12 years of financial industry experience. He is looking to acquire and grow a business that may not be maximizing its potential, looking to modernize the business and set it up for generational success. He has a group of highly experienced advisors and…

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Solomon Ventures Individual Accredited Investor

Solomon Ventures is a private investment firm focused on acquiring a small to medium sized business. The principal, Jason Wandersee, has led, grown and sold several lower-middle-market businesses. He is looking to acquire a business in the Southeast region of the US. He plans to work closely with…

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Vinod Vijayan Individual Accredited Investor

Vinod Vijayan is an experienced manager and a search fund entrepreneur, looking to acquire and operate one privately held small business. Post-acquisition, he plans to assume a management role to drive measurable value.

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Antevorte Technology Ventures Individual Accredited Investor

Diego Tebaldi is an individual investor looking to acquire private businesses in the lower middle market. Post acquisition, he wishes to partner with management teams to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.Antevorte Technology

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