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Hydrobloc Corporation

The concept behind the Hydrobloc product was initiated over 20 years ago well before in plant production began in 1994 at the Grand-Mère facility in Québec Canada.The name Hydrobloc comes from the fact that the material is permeable meaning that water can passe through the product (Hydro) and the…

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Forest Fibers Inc. Corporation

Your single source, one-stop shop!Forest Fibers inc. integrates multi-divisions companies. These work in conjunction with each other to provide strategic advantages in the market place. All divisions offer an integrated solutions package that essentially benefits both our suppliers and customers.We…

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groupDC Corporation

GroupDC has grown from a regional manufacturer of printed labels to a multidivisional corporation with sales and production facilities in 16 countries. We offer a wide array of products and services to cover your domestic and global branded identification requirements.Our products include fabric…

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Confidential company in the printing industry Corporation

Our company is involved in the printing business and offers a unique one of a kind product in growing demand (lenticular 3D printing).The product is high-class printing needing proprietary technology and expertise. Such proprietary technology and expertise can be transferred to a buyer, including…

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Dellux International Corporation Corporation

Dellux International is a Canadian company specializing in LED lighting. Dellux has developed an LED based intelligent lighting system which challenges common standards in the industry. Anyone can package LEDs in a box and claim to offer a lighting solution, but cannot guarantee consistent light…

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RER Hydro Corporation

RER Hydro Inc. is a leader in hydrokinetic zero emissions power generation via large scale river turbines. Their turbines have the highest true output of electricity and are the industry’s most reliable, with minimal to no environmental impact. The technology is a true disrupter in the renewable…

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Simard Suspensions Corporation

For decades, Simard Suspensions has been the industry leader with it’s unique products patented both in Canada and the United States. The AMS tandem (twin steer) and tridem suspensions allow you to considerably increase your payload. Our products also enable you to get around safely with ease and…

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Agrirobo Corporation

AGRIBOT is an autonomous, catterpillar tracked vehicle designed to work in orchards, vineyards and farms. The project is beeing developed in cooperation with Agrirobo, Wroclaw University of Technology and the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw.The idea is the result of seeking solutions for the…

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H2O Innovation Inc. (TSXV:HEO) Corporation

With 11 years of experience developing high-performance water treatment solutions, H2O Innovation® is a key player in the global market of sustainable development and clean technologies. As a complete membrane filtration solution provider, H2O Innovation® provides integrated technological water…

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Dubuc Motors Corporation

Dubuc Motors is a low-volume, boutique style automaker of high-end electric vehicles. We have intentionally departed from the traditional franchise distribution model by owning our sales and distribution.

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