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Succession Management Capital Search Fund

Succession Management Capital (SMC) is an acquisition fund focused on creating the right ownership transition for business owners at the right time. SMC brings over a fifteen combined years of startup, large company, private equity, distressed debt investing, management consulting and operating…

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Huntstone Capital, LLC Search Fund

We are seeking to acquire a medium sized business in North America with the objective of assisting the ownership group with a succession plan that will protect the legacy of the business and ultimately build a reputable world class organization. We are 100% committed to the one business we acquire…

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Southern Cap Partners Search Fund

SOUTHERN CAP PARTNERS seeks to acquire a single company which we intend to both own and operate for the long-term. Our focus is on creating continued value for the company, employees, community and shareholders. Our approach provides owner-operators assurance their business will remain in…

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Blackhedge Asset Management Search Fund

Blackhedge Asset Management is a private investment firm focused on partnering with lower middle-market business owners and entrepreneurs seeking the next stage of growth. Blackhedge Asset Management is focused on North American opportunities and seeks to partner with talented management teams.

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Five Lakes Equity Partners Search Fund

Five Lakes’ goal is to acquire a single, established healthcare business. We have a long-term focus and the team to help your company reach its potential. We’ll help you transition out of the drivers seat, while infusing your company with energy to drive the next phase of growth.

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Amplify Capital Search Fund

Headquartered in New York City was founded in 2019 to acquire a digitally based business in the United States and operate that business over a long time period. We are seeking a HANDS-ON operating and control equity opportunity, in a situation where a business owner is considering retirement,…

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Icosian Capital Search Fund

Dillon Friedman and Tommy Shelton founded Icosian Capital to find, invest, and operate a single B2B service business. Our partnership was built over the better part of a decade on a complementary set of skills that set us apart as prospective business owners. To further augment our experience, we…

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Broadtree Partners Search Fund

Broadtree Partners is a group of entrepreneurial investors focused on acquiring businesses where the owners are looking to transition from their current roles. We specialize in providing opportunities for owners to smoothly exit their companies and seamlessly change leadership, while preserving…

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The Staverton Group Search Fund

The Staverton Group works with owners preparing to transition out of day-to-day operations and the ultimate sale of their business. We seek to acquire profitable, growing businesses with recurring revenue in stable industries.SCOTT SORENSON, MANAGING PARTNERPrior to founding The Staverton Group,…

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HYTEN Partners Search Fund

HYTEN Partners is a self-funded search fund focused solely on finding an exceptional operating business opportunity. Sector focus - Communications & Digital Media, Youth / Education, Travel & Community / Events BusinessesRun by Andrew Hoffman, a former Sales, Marketing & Business…

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