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HAWE Hydraulik Corporation

The HAWE Hydraulik Group at a glance:General Information: Turnover approx. 2019: USD 460 Mio. Number of Employees: 2,500 Headquarters: Munich, Germany Customer Base: more than 11,000 active customers p.a. Products & Services: (electro-) hydraulic components/ solutions/…

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Venclose Corporation

Venclose is a vein treatment equipment company that has built a patented technology to restore legs back to health. It is based in San Jose, California.

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Retro Capital Group Corporation

We are a multi generational family office with a background in NY commercial real estate. We are focused on middle market lending, real estate, debt portfolios and private equity. We are currently seeking to enter the behavioral health space and we are looking for acquisition opportunities in the…

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US Medical Innovations Corporation

US Medical Innovations (“USMI”) is a Maryland-based company that develops advanced plasma energy-based medical device products. USMI has 3 distinct platform technologies: USMI currently manufactures and sells the Canady Hybrid Plasma™ suite of FDA-approved electrosurgical and plasma-based…

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PhyMed Inc. Corporation

PhyMed Healthcare Group is an innovative, physician-owned company comprised of Anesthesia, Pain Management and Critical Care professionals proudly serving as trusted partners to healthcare systems, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and office-based anesthesia providers nationwide.PhyMed Healthcare…

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National Ultrasound Inc Corporation

Since our founding in 2003, we at National Ultrasound have focused on a single product category: new and used ultrasound systems, parts and probes. We are a company of technicians with more than 250 years of collective experience working with equipment from the six largest ultrasound manufacturers.…

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Horus Technology Corporation

Horus Technology is developing an innovative device for blind and visually impaired people. It is worn on the user's head like a pair of sports headphones and thanks to its sensors, including cameras, it is able to analyse the surrounding environment. It is able to read texts, recognize objects and…

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Beech Medical Group, Inc. Corporation

Beech Medical Group is a in Home Health Services company in Arizona providing services to MCO , Insurance companies and ACO's through innovative programmed that integrate home delivered services across the Health Care continuum. Our services include Population health, Complex Case Management, Home…

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HR Performance Solutions Corporation

HR Performance Solutions is a growing software-as-a-service company focused on HR technology. The primary areas of focus include 1) performance management, 2) salary administration, and 3) learning management.

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dBMEDx Corporation

dBMEDx was founded in 2010 with the vision of putting the power of diagnostic ultrasound into the hands of every medical professional. Our mission to develop ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR WAGING WAR ON HEALTHCARE-ACQUIRED INFECTIONS and is guided by the quadruple aim of better outcomes, lower costs, more…

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