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Holding Capital Group, Inc. Private Equity Firm

Founded in 1975, Holding Capital Group (HCG) has acted as a principal in hundreds of acquisitions and other investments either directly or through its portfolio companies, with transaction sizes ranging from $2 million to $150 million. Our current portfolio of operating partnerships spans multiple…

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Ninth Street Capital Partners Private Equity Firm

Ninth Street Capital Partners is a private investment partnership that specializes in acquiring, developing and managing established businesses. With a focus on executing deals with the highest degree of integrity, we make long-term controlling investments in growth-oriented, privately held…

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JLL Partners Private Equity Firm

JLL Partners is a leading private equity firm with a 32-year track record of transforming businesses through its operational and financial expertise. JLL Partners is dedicated to partnering with companies that it can fundamentally help build into market leaders through a combination of strategic…

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Wolf Point Growth Partners Private Equity Firm

Overview: Wolf Point Growth Partners LLC is focused on investing in privately held businesses as platforms for growth. As a cornerstone of our investment strategy, we are committed to taking an active role in the management of the business. Ideal investment situations include: retiring business…

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Stadion Capital Private Equity Firm

Stadion is a private investment firm that invests non-institutional capital in businesses with the potential to maximize long-term value. Stadion Capital brings together the best aspects of institutional private equity and patient capital. We invest capital for wealth building with no need for near…

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Open Architecture Investments Private Equity Firm

We focus primarily on Series A financings, though we've partnered with strong founders as early as pre-idea seed rounds and as late as $100MM growth equity rounds. We reserve significant capital for follow on and work with our companies from inception to exit.

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Brooklyn Equity Private Equity Firm

Brooklyn Equity is a private equity investment firm providing capital and management assistance exclusively to established $3-$50 million revenue small businesses. We partner with experienced management teams to provide liquidity for owners and capital for growth, and we take an active advisory…

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Strength Capital Partners Private Equity Firm

Strength Capital Partners (SCP) is a Birmingham, Michigan-based private equity firm that specializes in acquiring traditional businesses, primarily throughout the greater Midwest and Central United States.We seek to invest in businesses with $4 million to $20 million in EBITDA. We pursue…

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Rock Gate Partners, LLC Private Equity Firm

Rock Gate Partners, LLC ("RGP") invests in lower middle market companies that have created unique market positions, resulting in customer "mind share" leadership and providing the basis for organic growth while offering a platform for acquisitions. RGP partners with management teams and family…

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Alcimos Ltd. Private Equity Firm

We are a private equity and advisory firm, focusing on Greece and southeast Europe. We aim to capitalize on opportunities in distressed debt, hard assets, real estate and corporate restructurings. Alcimos operates as a fundless sponsor, working with a group of high-net worth and institutional…

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