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Little White Dog Inc. Corporation

Little White Dog is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the acquisition and integration of consumer product companies, as well as, the marketing of collectibles and consumer products. We collaborate with independent firms to strategically acquire symbiotic products and companies to…

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First Aviation Services Inc. Corporation

First Aviation Services Inc. ("First Aviation") was established in June 1995 by First Equity Group ("First Equity") to acquire National Airmotive Corporation ("NAC") from Triton Group Ltd. In March 1997, First Aviation acquired the assets of Aerospace Products International, Inc. ("API" - formerly…

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Ryders Health Management, Inc. Corporation

Ryders Health Management is a family-owned management company for independent skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers.

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Xerox Corp. (NYSE:XRX) Corporation

The one thing that's predictable about business is that it's fundamentally unpredictable. It's disordered and constantly changing – sometimes by accident, sometimes by design. One thing successful businesses do to navigate through this unpredictability is make sure the technology, software and…

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Nothin' But Foods Corporation

Nothin' But Foods is at the forefront of the healthier snack movement. Nothin' But Foods crafts all natural, gluten-free, granola bars and cookies. Unlike most bars on the market, our bars are not macerated or overly processed. We always use organic oats and organic oat flour as a foundation upon…

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TotalHousehold Inc Corporation

A Suite of Services for Contractors, More Informed Choices for Homeowners.We assist Home Improvement Contractors with business services that enhance their internet presence, lead generation, and payment processing. Watch our video to learn more ( doing so, we are able to…

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ReGen Power Systems Corporation

ReGen Power Systems is developing a proprietary engine capable of converting lower temperature heat to power with no emissions. An external combustion, piston engine, similar to a Stirling engine, our technology absorbs heat from a heat source and uses it to create shaft power. The heat source…

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iD CardGuard Corporation

iD CardGuard is the exclusive sales and distribution agent for North America for the Voyager Blue range of RFID security shields and bluetooth enabled locater/proximity alert products. The team at VoyagerBlue bring significant experience in the development of technical solutions for a variety of…

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Financial Tracking LLC Corporation

Financial Tracking Technologies LLC was founded in 1999 as an independent portfolio compliance monitoring and alerting service. We began with a deep understanding of the investment and investment oversight processes. We have been a pioneer in many areas of risk and compliance that has given…

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Optical Energy Technologies Corporation

OETI was organized in 1984, and since then has been engaged in the design, development and manufacture of patented, non-tracking concentrating solar collectors, and the installation, and service of all types of solar energy systems. The main thrust of this effort has been to reduce the complexity,…

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