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Bringing More Value to the Middle Market in 2011

2010 was a banner year for Axial, and we wanted to share some of our success and milestones as we look forward to another exciting and productive 2011.

To recap, over 1,100 M&A Advisors have used Axial to help facilitate the sale of 2,500 companies. In May 2010, we launched v3 of the Axial platform to enable lower middle market M&A Advisors to serve their clients as successfully as the world’s largest and most established investment banks. v3’s most heavily-used tools in 2010 include Teaser Builder, Buyer Profile Pages, Preliminary Buyer List, NDA Upload, and Messaging.

In 2011, we remain focused on building the most valuable and comprehensive set of tools, data sets, and services to help lower middle market M&A Advisors win new business, efficiently manage deal processes, and close their deals.

Axial Contact Management Tools

Our existing v3 platform contains powerful tools to help you identify potential buyers that are currently Members of the Axial platform. We recently introduced functionality to enable you to bring your own private contacts to the table as well, regardless of whether they are Axial Members. Our platform enables you to see who has received your Opportunity, who has viewed it (and how many times), who has indicated interest, and who has downloaded your NDA. You can prioritize your outreach with those firms that are most interested, and track your success along the way.

Throughout 2011, we will be adding additional tracking tools to give you a detailed view into exactly who is reviewing your Opportunity and when they downloaded your NDA, and will be providing even better contact management tools to help you more easily reach out to those Buyers with whom you’ve already established relationships.

Axial Buyer Discovery Tools

Over 500 strategic and private equity buyers are now Members of Axial, and our extensive intelligence regarding each Buyer’s current and active acquisition preferences helps you find those Buyers most likely to be interested in your Opportunity and discover why they are a highly relevant fit.

Throughout 2011, as we gather more intelligence about each of our existing and newly joined Members, we’ll make that information available to you. Our enhanced transaction tracker will help you see a Buyer’s recent relevant acquisitions, and our activity tracking system will provide real-time information about which Buyers are currently active.

2011 Plans: Axial Opportunity Evaluation Tools

Finally, we’re working hard on developing a set of analytics to help you evaluate and compare your opportunity to other live middle-market deals.  As we develop these tools, please let us know if there are specific metrics you’d like us to present and how you anticipate using the data.  Our goal is to provide as much valuable real-time data as possible to help you maximize the insight and certainty of success you’re able to deliver to your client.

A Successful 2011

We measure our success by your success. Just as in 2010, we will continue our commitment to helping you win new business, closing your current deals, and ensuring the best outcomes for you and your clients.

If you need a refresher on how to use the platform, have lost your login credentials, or have some feedback you want us to hear, drop us a note at [email protected].

We look forward to helping you have a profitable and successful 2011.

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