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Axial Radar: The Antidote to Declining EBITDA Multiples


Axial Radar

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Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Axial Radar!

“Buying high and selling low” is a common, and expensive, emotional response to market volatility. You’ll see it most often in the public markets, but, private businesses are just as vulnerable to falling victim to the same phenomenon.

Valuations in the private capital markets have come down off record highs over the last few months. Businesses who missed the opportunity to sell at the peak may feel compelled to wait until valuations return to where they were before attempting a sale. This week’s featured Industry Trends article explains how instead of waiting and hoping things return to normal, businesses can be proactive about finding ways to increase their valuation, particularly by focusing on growth. Scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter to read more.

Our featured buy-side members this week include a strategic consulting firm, a healthcare-focused investment firm, and a fund targeting Michigan-based essential services companies. On the sell-side we’ll introduce you to a leading investment banking firm and a boutique business brokerage firm.

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Featured Members

HIG Capital

Pontis Group
Independent Sponsor

The Pontis Group team consists of senior practitioners of M&A, Strategy, Innovation, Technology, Operations, and Lean and Commercialization who have demonstrated success and established their credentials in global companies of various sizes. The firm is now looking to acquire companies in the industrial, technology and services sectors.

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Kainos Capital

Stanton Park Advisors
Investment Bank

Stanton Park Advisors is an investment banking firm providing best-in-class business valuation, capital raising, and merger & acquisition advisory services to growth-oriented businesses worldwide. Having closed over $2 billion in aggregate transaction value, Stanton Park is led by Jon Taylor, an investment banking professional whose career has spanned Wall Street and Capitol Hill for more than 20 years.

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Ashlar Capital
Independent Sponsor

Ashlar Capital is a healthcare-focused private investment firm focused on market leading businesses across all sectors of healthcare. The firm exclusively targets opportunities where they can partner with management teams to provide human capital, financial resources, industry networks and sector expertise to unlock value and build higher performing, more professional businesses that produce attractive risk adjusted returns for all stakeholders.

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FTI Consulting

Lone Star Consultancy
M&A Advisory Firm

Led by Managing Director, James D. Orum, Lone Star Consultancy is a boutique business brokerage firm focused on Oilfield Specialty Chemicals & Services in the Energy Sector. The firm’s services include business brokerage, business valuations, and restructuring for increased profitability.

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FTI Consulting

Henrietta Street Partners
Search Fund

Henrietta Street Partners seeks to acquire, operate, and grow Michigan based essential services companies generating $1-3M in earnings from owners seeking retirement. The firm provides business owners with a meaningful purchase price, while prioritizing an ownership transition that ensures their legacy, their employees, and their customer relationships will continue to flourish for generations to come.

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Industry Trends

A Guide To EBITDA Multiples & Their Impact On Private Company Valuations

EBITDA Growth Required to Offset Declines in Valuation Multiples:


Source: DGP Capital

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