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Axial Radar: A Credit Induced Buying Spree

Axial Radar

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Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Axial Radar!

Get ready to wave the days of rock bottom interest rates goodbye. Earlier this week, the Fed sent their first clear signal in over two years that interest rates could begin to rise again starting in 2022. Regardless of whether you agree with the Fed’s recent credit policies, it’s clear that the sustained low interest rate environment that we’ve been living in has ignited a buying spree for everyone from aspiring homeowners to PE professionals.

Evidence of this activity is clear in the volume, value, and debt/EBITDA ratios of US PE deals that have been done so far in 2021. Unsurprisingly, all three of those categories broke records. In this week’s featured Industry Trends article, we’ll take a look at the potential ramifications of the increased leverage in PE deals and the additional pressure that puts on the underlying businesses to perform in the long term.

Our featured buy-side members this week include a 37 year old investment firm, a holding company that acquires and grows eCommerce DTC brands, and a credit union service organization. On the sell-side we’ll introduce you to a boutique strategic advisory firm and a LMM-focused M&A advisory firm.

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Featured Members

LBCW Holdings

LBCW Holdings, LP
Family Office

LBCW is an investments partnership based in suburban Philadelphia. After establishing themselves over the last 25 years as highly successful real estate investors, LBCW expanded their team beginning in 2009 to focus on opportunistic investments across a wide spectrum of asset classes. LBCW often engages in direct investment opportunities (with an emphasis on the private sector) and participates as a limited partner in pooled vehicles and funds. LBCW is also a large capital partner in multiple investment companies and plays an active role in not-for-profit organizations.

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Sagewood Legal Business Advisors

Sagewood Legal & Business Advisors
Investment Bank

Sagewood Advisors is a boutique strategic advisory firm focused on exit strategy, business succession, and strategic mergers & acquisitions transactions. The firm’s process-driven approach not only helps clients achieve their goals efficiently and with better results, but allows them to better understand the process so they can make the best decisions for themselves, their business, and their family.

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Dianthus, Inc.
Holding Company

Dianthus, Inc. exclusively acquires eCommerce DTC (Direct to Consumer) brands who sell consumer goods and services through Shopify & WooCommerce. Dianthus’ goal is to shape the future of eCommerce by intelligently growing brands and building relationships.

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Feite Enterprises LLC
M&A Advisory Firm

Feite Enterprises is a boutique Mergers & Acquisition Firm, that focuses on selling companies that are pre-screened, vetted and motivated to sell. The firm has 20 plus years of experience in selling and buying companies. Feite’s M&A transaction experience includes companies in the $2M to $50M Lower Mid-Market range.

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CU Solutions Group

CU Solutions Group

CU Solutions Group is a credit union service organization offering leading edge products and services in the areas of technology, marketing, HR performance and strategic advisory. The company’s dedication to the credit union mission is reflected through service excellence to credit union clients, credit union system partners and credit union leagues spanning 48 states.

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Industry Trends

Credit-Driven Asset Price Inflation

Source: Verdad

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