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Axial is designed to serve businesses with annual revenues between $5M and $200M
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Professional Services on Axial

"My consultant has helped me reach out to people in firms that she thinks would be a good fit and given her knowledge of my interests and activities, that's been very beneficial."


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The ROI of Axial

"One of the things that I really appreciate about Axial is seeing new deals pop up, new intermediaries pop up, new names, new faces that I've never seen or talked to before."

Matt Thompson Enhanced Equity Funds

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Closed Niche Add-On

Horizon Bradco leveraged the network to market their acquisition appetite to a larger audience of boutique sell-side advisors, brokers, and transactional CEOs.

Chris Lund Horizon Bradco

Strategic Acquirers Join Axial to


    Meet new CEOs, investment banks, and M&A advisors, daily

  • Boost acquisition pipeline Boost acquisition pipeline

    Uncover new trends and opportunities matching to current platform and add-on acquisition interests

  • Save time Save time

    Leverage data and powerful tools to enable business development teams work smarter, and stay lean

  • Prepare for a transaction Prepare for a transaction

    Access insights and connect with transaction-ready CEOs in strategic sectors

Axial for Strategic Acquirers


Promote your objectives to attract the right opportunities

  • Market your experience and criteria using your company profile
  • Find and be found by qualified deal partners and companies
  • Distribute marketing materials and news to your target audience


Find interested professionals who meet your needs

  • Find the targets for your current projects
  • Connect with professionals who provide what you're seeking at your own pace
  • Privately exchange documents and signatures


Access powerful pipeline and relationship building tools

  • Uncover deals by size, industry, location, and more
  • Source inbound dealflow that meets your criteria
  • Track and develop your success in building market coverage

Professional Services

Experience Axial with the benefit of full-scale implementation and personal interaction
with a world-class team of business development consultants, who provide:

  • Travel Planning Services
  • Personalized Introductions
  • Customized Growth Strategies

Strategic Acquirer Success on Axial