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Meet the 22,000 members who run, finance, and sell businesses on Axial.

Axial is the #1 network for middle-market dealmakers and CEOs. Each month, over 50 deals a month close that were sourced on Axial.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Axial?

Axial is an online network bringing together those who run, finance, advise, and acquire middle market private companies in North America.

What does Axial membership entail?

There are a range of options for membership on Axial.


The free membership tier gives users tools to find potential investors, advisors, and buyers for companies they own, operate, or represent.


Paid membership comes in a number of tiers. These tiers offer users tools to find potential investment and acquisition targets. Higher levels of membership also offer premium support and ongoing business development consulting from Axial’s member success team.

What types of businesses are a good fit for Axial?

Axial focuses on middle market businesses in North America. Businesses that are a good fit for Axial are US- or Canada-based, with a stable business model, and revenues of at least $1M USD annually.



Who attends Axial’s events?

Axial’s events bring our members together for offline, person-to-person interactions that enhance and supplement the connections made on the Axial network. Axial membership is required to attend an Axial event.